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17 May 2016

Dear friends,

 I am writing to let you know about an important milestone in our work on ageing and health and ask for your support to ensure the best possible outcome for older women and men.

 Next week governments are expected to endorse a Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health (GSAP) when they meet at the 69th World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva. This strategy follows the launch of the World Report on Ageing and Health in October 2015 which many network Members were a part of.

The launch of the World Report on Ageing and Health was a major milestone and has provided much-needed focus, attention and thinking to ageing, an often neglected issue in global health and development processes. It also offers a new way of thinking about ageing and health. You can read my statement of support for the Report here.

The strategy will provide the framework through which the report can be operationalised at country and local levels.

The discussion on the GSAP is expected to take place on Tuesday 24 May or Thursday 26 May as part of agenda item ‘Promoting Health through the Life Course’.

You can watch the meeting on the World Health Organization’s live webcast here: http://apps.who.int/gb/index.html. Also, you can follow HelpAge on Twitter for confirmation of when the discussion will take place.

What will we be doing at the World Health Assembly?

HelpAge is co-organising a side event with the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) and the International Federation on Ageing (IFA).

The event, “From Plan to Action: Combating Ageism to Achieve Healthy Ageing” will take place on Wednesday 25 May from 18.30-20.30 at the ICRC Humanitarium. It  will build on the WHA discussion on the WHO’s Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health, exploring how ageism — arguably the most tolerated form of discrimination — must be combated if we are to achieve healthy ageing.

In addition, Esther Wamera, an older activist from Kenya, will represent the HelpAge network in a side event organised by Australia and the WHO, in collaboration with the delegations of Japan, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Thailand and the United States.

This event will take place on Friday 27 May 12:15-13:45 inside the United Nations, Room XXIII and will build on the momentum gained by the development of the GSAP, the event will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange experiences of policy successes, challenges and opportunities across WHO regions for countries and other stakeholders.

What can you do?

  • Please circulate both side event details widely among your contacts, particularly to any colleagues attending the WHA and to any contacts in your Ministries of Health (save the dates attached)
  • Join the conversation on Twitter using #healthyageing to demonstrate global support for this issue during the discussions
  • Ask your government how it plans to implement the GSAP and encourage them to prioritise this.
  • Watch the live webcast of the WHA, including the session on the Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health
  • Please let us know if you will be attending so that we can coordinate

Please find some suggested tweets:

  • @HelpAge thanks the @WHO for its leadership & support to promote & achieve #healthyageing #WHA69
  • @HelpAge strongly supports the vision, goals & strategic objectives outlined in the GSAP to achieve #healthyageing #WHA69

To promote the ageism and health side event specific – save the dates attached to email can be uploaded to twitter and Facebook:

  • @HelpAge @Federation @IntFedAgeing #WHA69 side event — Combating #Ageism to Achieve #HealthyAgeing Register: bit.ly/1VnYKoD
  • Join @helpage at 6:30, 25 May at ICRC Humanitarium to discuss #ageism in relation to #healthyageing #WHA69
  • Find out more about the impact of #ageism on #healthyageing at #WHA69 side event: bit.ly/1VnYKoD
  • #Ageism impacts older people’s health & wellbeing, increasing the risk of #NCDs #Healthyageing #WHA69

Further information:





Save the Date — Combating Ageism Side Event


Best wishes,

Toby Porter

Chief Executive

HelpAge International


Tel +44(0)20 7148 7603

Mobile +44 (0)7725 433407

Fax +44 (0)20 7387 6992



Skype: toby.porter.hai

Twitter @tobyhporter




Humanitarian action must reach the most marginalised and vulnerable groups. If you are a humanitarian actor please commit to implementing the Inclusion Charter in your work. Visit the Inclusion Charter website to add your support.

Read our new report Older voices in humanitarian crises: calling for change (PDF).

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