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IFA VoltAge | June 2017
IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing- Sponsorship Opportunities #IFA2018
The IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing is the ideal platform for organizations involved in the field of ageing to promote their vision, services, and projects for current and future generations of older people. Depending on the strategy and budget of your organization, there are a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities with several customizable options to choose from.
The IFA anticipates over 1,200  delegates will be in attendance, including representatives of government, industry leaders, researchers, NGOs, and providers of health care and social services. To ensure that your organization stands out at this unique international event, contact Mr. Greg Shaw, Director of International and Corporate Relations, IFA at gshaw@ifa-fiv.org or 416 342 1655 ext. 2.
To learn more about sponsoring the Global Conference or to view the Sponsorship Prospectus, please click here.
Spotlight on Senior Students
What is one of the biggest obstacles faced by Janet Brush, 70, when it comes to attending university? Perhaps surprisingly to some, it’s the distance between the buildings on campus. «The ten minutes allowed between classes is not enough time, especially in winter.»
Janet first made the decision to enroll at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada in 2012, shortly after turning 65. Dalhousie, like an increasing number of other universities, waives tuition fees for senior students meaning that Janet could finally enroll in university, something she has wanted to do since she graduated high school in 1963.
«I originally started with just one course. It wasn’t my intention to pursue a full degree.» Though now working towards a degree in English Literature, Janet says she may pursue another degree after completing the first one, but in the meantime she’s just content to enjoy the experience as much as possible.
When asked about the age difference between herself and her fellow students, Janet noted that senior students shouldn’t feel intimidated or worry about making a fool of themselves. In fact, senior students may help put other students at ease, as they may have fewer compunctions about speaking up in tutorials or group discussions.
Senior students can also provide a wealth of lived experience for other students, as Janet recalls discussing the earlier feminist movements while reading Virginia Woolf’s «A Room Of One’s Own» in one of her classes — a movement that she took part in, and was able to provide her classmates with examples from her own experiences.
Janet’s advice for other older people looking to pursue a post-secondary education is similar to how she began at Dalhousie — «Just take one course and see if you can manage it.»
The IFA is looking to profile other senior students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. If you are over sixty-five years of age and attending a post-secondary institution and would like to be profiled in an upcoming edition of VoltAge, please contact Kate MacRae at kmacrae@ifa-fiv.org
IFA 2018 Conference Bursary Program — Be Part of the Change
The IFA is committed to ensuring that delegates from low and middle income countries are given the opportunity to contribute and benefit from the conference.  For this reason, 10% of sponsorship dollars and 8% of registration fees will contribute to the Bursary Program.
Delegates can be part of this campaign by adding a few dollars onto your conference registration. To register now, please click here.
For more information on the Bursary Program, please click here.

To register, click here

Help shape the age-friendly agenda at the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing
The IFA is keen to use the knowledge platform of the IFA 14th Global Conference (8-10 August 2018) as a forum to bring together experts and interested agencies in the fields of age-friendly cities, communities, and environments.
To inform the IFA’s thinking about how best to shape the agenda on age-friendly environments at the Conference, the IFA is reaching out to invite interested parties to complete a short survey.  This survey can be found by clicking here.
The goal of the age-friendly dialogue during the conference is to capture and synthesize knowledge, new ideas and innovation around age-friendly cities and communities in recognition of its impact on the environment and healthy ageing.
If you would like to learn more about the IFA’s age-friendly initiatives, click here or send an email to jrochman-fowler@ifa-fiv.org.   The IFA looks forward to applying your input and ideas to the development of the age-friendly programme at the 14th Global Conference.

To register, click here

Vision Health Awareness Month — May 2017
The IFA, through its Eye See You Campaign, called upon Canadians to not lose sight of what matters this past May — Vision Health Awareness month.  The efforts of the

Eye See You campaign to raise awareness of the importance of eye health were a great success as we were able to reach Canadians through various platforms including:

  • IFA and Eye See You partners‘ social media platforms;
  • the Eye See You, What Do You See? photography competition;
  • postcards distributed to public libraries and community health centres across the city of Toronto (sample photographed above);
  • TTC subways screens in Toronto’s downtown core;
  • Eye See You quarterly newsletter, and;
  • various national media platforms such as AMI — Live from Studio 5 and coverage in the National Post, the Vancouver Sun, and the Ottawa Citizen, amongst many others.  To access all Eye See You in the news publically available articles click here.
The success of any campaign comes about because of the commitment of others to outreach and mobilise active and inspiring individuals.  In particular the IFA would like to thank the Eye See You Campaign partners — the Canadian Council of the Blind , the Canadian National Institute for the BlindFADOQHome Instead Senior Care, the International Longevity Centre (ILC) Canada, ReveraSouth Riverdale Community Health Centre, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and the World Blind Union — for their commitment and support during Vision Health Month and throughout the Eye See You campaign.
The IFA is grateful for the efforts of all who participated in Vision Health Month through the month of May by sharing @intfedageing Twitter posts, creating your own posts, and/or using the hashtags #EyeSeeYou2017.
Call for Abstracts, Deadline: December 1, 2017 #IFA2018
The IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing is a unique opportunity for academics, government, industry and individuals to present to an engaged audience on some of the key issues effecting older people today.
Oral, poster, workshop, and symposium presentations offer presenters the chance to network with some of the key decision makers and experts in the field of ageing.
The IFA invites all those interested in being a presenter at the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing to submit an abstract. The four main conference themes are Combating Ageism, Toward Healthy Ageing, Enabling Functional Ability, and Addressing Inequalities. The themes and 26 sub-themes are displayed above.
To access the Abstract Forms or learn more about submitting an abstract, please click here.
Please note that registration must be completed before submitting an abstract but that payment can be deferred at the time of registering.
To learn more about registration, please click here.
Those interested in learning more about the various components of the conference are encouraged to visit www.ifa2018.com or follow @intfedageing on Twitter for frequent updates and progress.


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