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ISSN 1997-1648                                        No. 12                                    May 2018

INIA’s Training Programmes

International training programme in Policy Formulation, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing,  20-24 November 2017

Participants with Hon. Anthony Agius Decelis, Junior Minister for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, Professor Marvin Formosa,
Rosette Farrugia -Bonello and Tarcisio Zammit
The programme in Policy Formulation, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing was held at the Qawra Palace Hotel, Qawra Malta from the 20-24 November 2017. In total, 12 participants followed the programme from seven countries — namely, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey and Tunisia. Lecturing on the programme, apart from Maltese faculty were Dr. Alexander Sidorenko,  Consultant, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna, Austria and Professor Asghar Zaidi, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom.

Training Programme in Reminiscence Training in Long-Term Care, 4-5 December 2017 

Participants with Dr. Pamela Schweitzer
The International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta, in collaboration with ACTive Age Malta organised a two-day intensive and experiential training in reminiscence, with pioneer in reminiscence Dr. Pamela Schweitzer. The training, which was organised at St. Vincent de Paul Long-Term Care Facility, a public Nursing residential facility for older persons, was attended by twenty professionals. During the training, the participants had the opportunity to trace memories through drawing and role play.

INIA’s In-Situ Training Programmes 

In-Situ training programme in Social Gerontology, in Hyderabad, India, 4 — 8 December 2017

The International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), held an in-situ training programme inSocial Gerontology in Hyderabad, India from 4-8 December 2017. The programme was organised in collaboration with the International Longevity Centre, India (ILC-I) and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). A total of 19 participants from India, Nepal and Bangladesh participated in the training programme. The participants had also the opportunity to visit Kshetra, a private independent and assisted long-term care home for older persons.
Participants with INIA’s Deputy Director Rosette Farrugia-Bonello, Professor Sivu Raja and Anjali Raje, Executive Director, ILC-India
Participants with Rosette Farrugia-Bonello at Kshetra’ Home in Hyderabad

In-Situ training programme in Gerontology, in Nanchong City, People’s Republic of China, 11 — 15 December 2017

In collaboration with The Support and Nursing Committee for the Elderly, China (SNCE), the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), organised an in-situ programme in Gerontology in Nanchong City, People’s Republic of China from 11-15 December 2017. The programme was held for Chinese Officials working in the field of ageing within Zheijiang Province. Sixty-five Chinese officials participated in this programme.
Participants with Professor Marvin Formosa, Director INIA, Professor Charles Scerri
and Professor Yuan Ye

In-Situ training programme in Ageing Policy, Formulation and Planning in Abuja, Nigeria, 5 — 9 March 2018

In collaboration with The Dave Omokaro Foundatio, the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), organised an in-situ programme in Ageing policy formulation, planning and implementation, Abuja, Nigeria from 5-8 March 2018. The programme was attended by twenty-seven participants. To set the training agenda, “In the Shadows’ (Intimate Profile of older persons): A Documentary on Ageing in Nigeria” produced by Dave Omokaro Foundation, with funding support from WHO Nigeria was screened for the viewing of participants. The Keynote Presentation titled Population Ageing Trends and Opportunities” was delivered by Dr. Prafulla Mishra, African Regional Director, HelpAge International. The participants visited also Asokoro District Hospital.
Participants at the opening ceremony of the International Training Programme in
Ageing Policy Formulation, Planning and Implementations
Participants’ visit to Asokoro District Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria

In-Situ training programme in Ageing Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A South African Focus, Johannesburg, South Africa,
12 — 18 March 2018

INIA in collaboration with the International Longevity Centre, South Africa (ILC-SA), the South African Gerontological Association and the National Department of Social Development, North-West University, organised an in-situ programme on ‘Social Gerontology’. The programme was held between 12-14 March and it was attended by  18 participants.  Lecturing on the programme were Professor Jaco Hoffman, one of INIA’s international tutor and Professor Isabella Aboderin, INIA’s international board member.
Group photo

5th Annual International Conference of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Cairo, Egypt, 14 — 15 March 2018

INIA in collaboration with Ain Shams University organised the 5th Annual International Conference of Gerontology and Geriatrics on Integrated Geriatric Practice between 14-15 March 2018, in Cairo, Egypt. INIA was represented by Professor Sonia Ouali Hammami, Chairman of Tunisian Geriatric Association. The conference was attended by 40 participants.
Participants with professor Sonia Ouali Hammami

Information Exchange & Networking

In December, INIA’s Deputy Director Rosette Farrugia-Bonello was robed by Professor Siva Raju, Dean and head of the Centre for Population Health and Development, School of Development Studies, as an honorary member on the faculty of TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Hyderabad Campus, India.

In December 2017, INIA’s Deputy Director Rosette Farrugia-Bonello, was invited by Piramal Swasthya, Management and Research Institute to deliver a lecture on ‘Dementia Care: Trends and Issues’.

The lecture was delivered to Piramal Swasthya mobile medical officers, working at the Piramal Swasthya office in Hyderabad, India. Discussions were also held on the possibility of establishing further collaboration with INIA through research and training.


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