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“Veterans Homes” established

Kantipur Kathmandu, August 1, 2068 A veteran home has been established for all retired Nepali Army; from a soldier to high ranked officers, who need care or are physically disabled. Army Chief General Mr. Chatra Man Singh inaugurated the “Veteran Homes” Complex. “Veteran Homes” was established by Nepal Army in order to provide appropriate care for the retired army personnel who are physically disabled and do not have anyone to take care of them when retired.

According to the Army Public Relation Directorate, the complex will provide necessary food, health care facilities and other services like proper care and basic needs to the retired and needy Nepali armies. The complex has been divided into three different houses; 1 for high rank officers, 1 for general officers and 1 for remaining others, which has capacity of providing facilities to 12 high ranked officers, 24 officers and 48 other level personnel. The complex will provide primary health care services as medical personnel of different level will be available 24 hours. The complex is built near a hospital, so that in case of emergency the required services can be provided.

Radio helps elderly pass time

Gorkhapatra Illam, August 1, 2012 Metropolitan city of Illam district distributed radio to the local elderly. Radios were distributed to 100 elderly inhabitants with an objective of providing effective enjoyment for their leisure time by listening news and information. Metropolitan office has been doing this program since last year.

Alliance Insurance distributed blankets

Samacharpatra Kathmandu, August 2, 2012 On the occasion of company’s 17th anniversary, Alliance Insurance Company distributed 62 blankets to the “Amaghar”, a shelter home for abandoned elderly and orphan children. Ms. Dil Shova Shrestha is the founder and manger of Amaghar.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Senior citizen honoured

Annapurna Post Biratnagar, August 6, 2012 Urlabari Bridda Briddha Paropakar Sewa Kendra, an Old Age Home (OAH) situated at Urlabari-4 of Morang district honored 98 elderly including 9 care takers. Among those honored was a 105 year old Ms. Rohini Basnet, a resident of Urlabari. It was also her 105th birth day when she was felicitated by Jestha Nagarik Ekata Samanvya Kendra Nepal, an NGO. Mr. Rudra Bahadur Tamang, officer of Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy and Mr. Birval Thapa, Chairperson of Nepali Congress Party, Urlabari, focused on the necessity of honouring a living history.

Senior Citizen honored

Kantipur Bhaktapur, August 14, 2012 Timila Samaj Khwapa, a civil society honored four senior citizens over the age of 80 years.

Helping Shir Maya Rai

Annapurna Post Dharan, August 23, 2012 Ms. Shir Maya Rai 66, a cancer patient was helped financially by her relative residing in United Kingdom. Ms. Rai who is economically poor was in bed ridden since one and half years due to cancer. Rs. 106,900 was collectively supported by Mr. Agnesh Sinlega Rai, Mr. Lil Bahadur Rai, Mr. Chakra Rai, Ms. Bida Rai, Ms. Usha Rai, Ms. Junu Rai, Mr. Khadki Rai and Mr. Asarman Rai. I spent all money I had and sold all property in course of treatment of my wife, says Mr. Dhan Bahadur Rai, husband of Shir Maya Rai who himself is a patient of blood related health problem. No one is there to take care of the poor and frail old couple. Both the husband and wife were thankful to entire person who helped them.

Grandmothers honored

Annapurna post Kalanki, August 23, 2012 Elderly women who have reached the later stages of their lives were honored at Kalanki Mai Mandir of Kalanki, Kathmandu by Dharti Mata Nepal Bikas Mahila Sangh, a women group. According to the president of the group, elderly women including social worker Ms. Dil Shova Shrestha, 101 year old Kashirupa Pandey, 100 year old Lalitkumar Parajuli and 94 year old Padam-maya Pandey were honored on the day.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Nepal Army supports OAH

Annapurna Post Myanglung, August 26, 2012 Mr. Bhagawati Prasad Gumle, a retired Nepal Army donated consumable goods to Krishna Pranami Old Age Home on the occasion of his 85th birthday. OAH which is situated at Myanglung-7 VDC of Terathum district also houses orphan children. Mr. Gumle, is a self motivated social worker. He celebrated his birthday donating 50kg of rice and one carton of biscuit, including one thousand rupees to the management committee of OAH. Gumle also initiated cleaning and plantation programs in the premises of OAH.

Elderly Rescued

Ageing Nepal Kavre, August 26, 2012 Two of the senior citizens who were trapped under heaps of mud and stone have been rescued by the police force. Both Mr. Madan Singh Waiba (60) and Mr. Lal Bahadur Gola (65) were the residents of Mahankal-3 of Kavre district. According to the villagers, they were trapped as stones and mud fell upon them due to explosion of the electric wires at Dhunkharka-8.

Senior Citizens Welfare Fund established

Kantipur Pokhara, August 26, 2012 Siddhi Setuli Smriti Foundation is set to start Welfare Fund for senior citizens. This was announced in half yearly general meeting of the foundation. The primary objective of the foundation is to work for the well-being of women and children. Mr. Bishwo Ratna Shakya, Founder Guardian of the Foundation has decided to support with Rs. 100,000. Similarly, many other donated 2 thousand to 10 thousand rupees.

Donation to “Aamako Ghar”

Kantipur Hetauda, August 27, 2012 Ms. Dil Shova Shrestha, Founder of Aamako Ghar was awarded with Harshanar Bajracharya Memorial Award by Bhim Birag Music, Literature and Arts Company where Rs.25,000 was awarded to Dil Shova Shrestha by Mr. Bhuwan Prakash Bista for her services to helpless women, children and senior citizens. President of PABSON of Makwanpur district also awarded her with Rs.20,000.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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DDC roundedup when allowances not provided

Gorkhapatra Saptari, August 31, 2012 Thousands of people including senior citizens, single women and differently-able protested against District Development Committee (DDC) of Saptari when they did not get Social Security allowances for last six months. There are 114 VDCs and 1 municipality in Saptari district, among them 64 VDCs lack social security allowance when Minsnty of Finance (MoF) deducted 70million rupees from the total allocated budget. All protesters were returned to their respective home assuring that they will be paid after Dashain festival.

OAA not provided for six months

Gorkhapatra Biratnagar, August 5, 2012 88 year old Mr. Jagdish Thakur, a resident of Biratnagar–21 is a patient of Asthma who has been visiting Biratnagar sub-municipality every day. He is still waiting for his OAA so that he can buy medicines he needs. “I don’t have money to buy medicines because government has not provided OAA since last 6 months», said 79 year old Ms. Puspamaya Thapaliya, a resident of Biratnagar-13. First they sent thier children and grandchildren to inquire about OAA and tell their plight to officers but the authorities did not believe the youngsters. Hence, they were compelled to visit the municipality themselves. The senior citizens return home empty hands after each visit saying that they are being robbed and the municipality does not bother to explain why the money isn’t given.

Ms. Kamala Parajuli, Chair of Sankalpa Nepal, an NGO who has been working on the issues of senior citizens, says that the state is unable to provide justice to the elderly people. She asked, “What should the elderly people expect from the nation when they cannot even use the amount entitled to them when they need it the most?

Troubles in getting OAA

Samacharpatra Pokhara, August 8, 2012 Since the Nepal government decided to provide Old Age Allowance (OAA) through bank, elderly villagers started facing problems to reach bank for collecting their OAA.

79 years old Ms. Ganja Bahadur Gurung who came to branch office of Nepal Bank Limited, Tersapatti, Pokhara, said, it was much easier to collect OAA from Village Ward office than commuting far to reach bank. There too it requires long waiting at this fragile House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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age and I fear of getting sick because of over stress, said Ms. Gurung. Ms. Bishnu Maya Parajuli from Chipledhunga, Pokhara has the similar disappointments. She said she waited in line for two and half hours for getting OAA. The allowance is provides some respite to them. However, they are much despair to face the obstacle to get it.

Social Security Fund Collects Rs 1.25b in 2011/12

Republica Kathmandu, Aug 9, 2012/ The state-owned Social Security Fund collected Rs 1.25 billion in the last fiscal year which ended on July 15, beating government ́s estimation of Rs 1.05 billion for the year, preliminary figures provided by the Financial Comptroller General Office showed. The amount accumulated by the Fund is 68 percent higher than the amount collected in the previous fiscal year.

“We probably would have been able to collect more last fiscal year, but we found many companies were depositing the amount under the heading of tax deductible at source (individual income tax), rather than under the heading of social security tax,” Kebal Prasad Bhandari, executive director of the Fund, told Republica. “We have already started sending circulars to all companies in the formal sector to rectify their mistakes.” Read more:

Elderly did not receive old age allowance

Gorkhapatra Dhunche, Rasuwa, August 10, 2012 Nepal government could not provide OAA to senior citizens of Dhaibung and Bhorle VDC of Rasuwa district since last three months despite the fact that the new fiscal year has already started. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is being blamed for it did not promptly made the required provisions in the last fiscal year, said Mr. Gyanraj Pandey, Local Development Officer. Senior citizens come to claim their OAA daily but are compelled to return being disappointed, said VDC Secretary. Ms. Man Maya Nepali did not get OAA even after visiting ward office for five times.

Misuse of senior citizens allowances

Kantipur Kathmandu, August 27, 2012 District Development Committee (DDC) of Kathmandu tops all other DDCs of the country in the mismanagement of OAA. Neither, the procedure of distributing allowance to the recipients was followed properly, nor there were any legal documents which prove that the allocated fund has been actually distributed to the beneficiaries. Rs. 943,000 in House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Nanglevare, Rs. 1,130,000 in Jorpati, Rs. 1,010,000 in Gangabu, Rs. 949,000 in Danchi and Rs. 900,000 in Gothatar, — altogether more than Rs. 30 million has been misused from Kathmandu district. Similarly, Rs. 1,555,000 in Bungmati, Rs. 1.2million in Sainbu, Rs. 717,000 in Lele, Rs. 549,000 in Shiddipur, Rs. 413,000 in Bisankhu Nayrayan, Rs. 319,000 in Jharuwarasi and Rs. 619,000 in Lamatar, — altogether 11 million has been misused from Lalitpur district. According to the staffs, DDC Secretary is responsible for these unlawful activities.

Petition filed at CDO for not distributing Social Security Allowance

Annapurna Post Saptari, August 28, 2012 Senior Citizens of Bhairawaha VDC of Saptari are not getting the old age allowance as they use to get before. They filed a petition to CDO complaining the situation. They raised the voice to give their rights within the coming week days. They even accused that VDC secretary Mr. Dev Narayan Shah did not provide pension in time.

Geriatric ward after Dashain

Himalayan Times Kathmandu, August 11, 2012 Patan Hospital in coordination with the Population Division of the ministry of Health and Population is set to operate a separate geriatric ward after Dashain festival. Dr Arjun Karki, vice-chancellor of the Patan Academy of Health Sciences, said the hospital is busy installing equipment for the ward.

The ward will have elder-friendly toilet, passageway, floor and other infrastructures and amenities, said Dr Karki. The ministry is also working to establish geriatric centers at the Kirtipur-based National Ayurvedic Training and Research Centre and Bharatpur Hospital at a time when the country is witnessing an increase in life expectancy due to advances in the medical field, according to the Vice-chancellor Mr. Karki. Nonetheless, the elders are suffering from various diseases and health institutions lack proper facilities to cater to them.

Read more:

Senior citizens unaware of govt. allowance for medical expenses

Annapurna Post Myadlung, August 16, 2012 The budget allocated for Senior Citizen Health Treatment Program in Terathum district could not be used. According to Women and Child Development Office, more than half of House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu


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the budget remained unused because the elderly are unaware of the available facility. According to Ms. Sita Biswakarma, Chief Employee and Focal person, only 98 senior citizens claimed the medical treatment expenses in the fiscal year 2068/69. Only Rs. 35,895 out of Rs. 80,000 has been used so far, added Ms. Sita Bishwakarma.

Mr. Bishnu Samba Hamfe, Chief of Department of Women and Children, said the Government has been providing medical expenses to people above the age of 65, wherein maximum of Rs. 2000 will be provided at one time, twice a year. He also mentioned that, most of the rural places of Nepal lack hospitals and most elders face financial problem when they visit hospital in urban centers for the treatment. But most of them are not aware of the possible support from the government towards meeting their hospital expenses.

Re 1 per day raises Rs 5.7M for Dhankuta Geriatric Home

Republica Dhankuta, August 23, 2012 Many a little makes a mickle. This has turned true in Dhankuta with one rupee donation collection campaign from each individual for establishment of a geriatric home. A total of Rs 5.7 million have already been collected so far. The donation campaign started by Bisranti Geriatric Home Management Committee three years ago has so far raised Rs 5.7 million in their fund. The campaign was launched with the aim of collecting Rs 10 million within five years to set up a permanent fund for the management of geriatric home, said Deputy Secretary of the committee Mr. Janardan Ghimire. Around 25,000 people have donated Re 1 per day for the establishment of the permanent fund for the old age home. Donors can either deposit one-time Rs 1,825 or Re 1 daily for five years in the account opened for old age home at Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) and Kabeli Development Bank in Dhankuta. Besides, Kabeli Bank has also been contributing to the campaign. The bank deposits five rupees in the fund for every new account opened in the bank. Around 35 elderly have been living in the geriatric home now. The home has been getting support in both cash and kind from local businessmen. Acting chairman of the committee Krishna Prasad Wasti informed that around Rs 1.5 million have been spent for care of the elderly. The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare has also contributed Rs 1 million for the elderly home.

Three elderly women facing hardship of poverty

Kathmandu Post DIPENDRA BADUWAL Chitwan, August 26, 2012 LIFE has not at all been kind to these three women living in Padampur VDC of the district. Ms. Santa Kumari Chepang, 65, went blind after she gave birth to her first son House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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30 years ago. “First my eyes started itching. It was conjunctivitis. I could have got it cured had I visited an eye specialist on time,” she said. Now, living in a small house alone, there is no one to look after her. The house was built with help from a tourist one year ago. Her husband left the house some years ago, while her younger son also disappeared. Except for her eldest son, who visits her sometime, she is all alone and cooks food for herself when she is well. Otherwise, she goes to bed empty stomach. Although, a local NGO manages food for her, she has not received any relief from the government.

Similar is the plight of 77-years old Santa Maya Tamang of the same village. She is supporting her mentally ill son by crushing stones at the quarry. “We (my son and me) crush stones at a nearby river in the morning and I manage two square meals a day from the income,” she said. Santa Maya’s husband died 18 years ago, while her daughter was married to a man and her younger son is living separately after marriage. Expect for a small house, she has nothing. Eighty-year-old Ms. Sumitra Chepang’s story is no different. Also of Padampur, she is facing tough times due to a lack of support. After her husband left her for another woman, she is living with her son, who is a daily wage earner. She has not received a single penny from the government so far. Founding chairman of the Child Welfare Chitwan, Keshab Khanal, who built a house for Sumitra, said the government must help such helpless women.

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House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

Do you know!!!

There are 35 million people with Alzheimer disease in the world and by 2020 the number is estimated to be 70 million.

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Music video by Octogenarian

Kantipur Pokhara, August 8, 2012 An octogenarian lady Ms. Badhsara Parajuli, a resident of Mansbari-7 of Pokhara is still active and has enthusiasm for singing Nepali folk songs with no any old sign on her passion for music. Recently she is trying to make a music video of Nepali folk songs with the help of her son and daughter-in-law. She said, her mission is to protect endanger Nepali folk songs and make the young generation to have positive attitude for Nepali folk songs.

Elderly Couple turn their rooftop into vegetable garden

Republica NIRJANA SHARMA Kathmandu, Aug 9, 2012 Where there is a will there is a way. An octogenarian couple living in the metropolis has proved this. Mr. Dharma Lal Shrestha, 81 and his wife Indira Keshari, 80, of Koteshwor, Kathmandu are self sufficient in vegetable they grow on their rooftop. This couple does not own any kitchen garden but their roof is enough to produce significant amount of vegetable which has reduced the extra cost and help them pass their time. Read more:

Citizenship at 80

Annapurnapost Makawanpur, August 6, 2012 Mr. Chet Singh Chepang, a resident of Kakada VDC of Makwanpur district received citizenship certificate at the age of 80. A week before, Chepang went to district headquarter riding on a vehicle for the first time in his life. None of his family members have Citizen Certificate. He was excited about receiving citizenship Certificate and was also pleased that he will now be able to enjoy the Old Age Allowance.

Four days of consecutive visits and yet no Citizenship Certificate for elderly

Kantipur Makwanpur, August 25, 2012 80 years old Mr. Chet Singh Chepang did not get citizenship certificate even after visiting District Development Office (DDC) of Makawanpur regularly for four days. It took him three days to prepare and verify all the necessary documents and on fourth day he

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu


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approached the Chief District Office (CDO). Unfortunately CDO officer has gone to visit Kathmandu.

Chepang did not get citizenship certificate despite lots of hindrances he faced at this octogenarian age. Because of ignorance he did not claim for citizenship certificate before, but when he claimed now for the sake of children and grandchildren he had to return home disappointed, said Chepang.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

Join INPEA President Gloria Gutman at the CANADIAN Association on Gerontology Follow the link to REGISTER NOW!

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No. of senior citizens murdered in the month of August, 2012

All together 6 senior citizens were murdered during the month of August, 2012. Details are given below:

S.N. Name Sex Age Address Reason Culprit Date Source

1. Bhaka Male 65 Khotang Unknown Neighbor 2nd Annapurna Post Man Auust Daily

Bhujel 2. Laxmi

Male 71


Property dispute


2nd Gorkhapatra August Daily

Pd. Baral 3. Ngyauli Female 82 Sindhupalchok Robbery Unknown 5th Annapurna Post

Tamang suspected August Daily

4. Ram Lal Gurau

Male 60




14th Ageing Nepal August

5. Rehana Female 60 Jayanagar Property Grandson 23rd Samacharpatra

Khatun dispute August Daily

6. 7.

Purna Bahadur Tamang

Male 60

Nuwakot Lalitpur


Family dispute

Relative Wife

24th Ageing Nepal August

27th Ageing Nepal August

Nika Male 60 Bahadur

Ale Magar

Burgalary in Kalopul

Kathmandu Post

Kathmandu, August 19, 2012

Property worth more than Rs 200,000 was looted from a house in Kalopul on Friday.

Police said two armed robbers barged into the house of Sushila Maskey and fled away

with cash and ornaments worth Rs 227,000. Before looting, the 72 years old Sushila was


Read more:

Elderly hit with Khukuri

Ageing Nepal Dang, August 22, 2012 Ms. Nanda Khadka (60), a resident of Bela-4 of Dang district was seriously injured when her husband attacked her with Khukuri, a sharp weapon. Ms. Khadka was taken to nearby hospital for treatment while her husband Mr. Bhyumati Khadka (65) is on-run.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Burglars attacked old couple

Annapurna Post Palpa, August 25, 2012 The old couple from Siddheshwori VDC-5 was seriously injured when attacked by unknown group. The group entered the house when 83 year old Mr. Meher Singh Budhathoki and his wife were alone at home. They were beaten with log, reported Mr. Budhathoki. The injured couples are having treatment in the District hospital. Police is searching for the culprits.

Elderly robbed

Ageing Nepal Kathmandu, August 30, 2012 68 year old Ms. Suntali Maharjan, a resident of Naikap-9 of Kathmandu was robbed at Dallu of Kathmandu. All her possessions were stolen when she fainted after drinking the fruit juice deceitfully given to her by a stranger. It is suspected that some hallucinating drug was mixed in the juice by the culprit.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

Alzheimer’s disease is the most COMMON TYPE

of dementia

“Dementia” is an umbrella term describing a variety of diseases and conditions that develop when nerve cells in the brain die or no longer function normally. The death or malfunction of these nerve cells, called neurons, causes changes in one’s memory, behavior and ability to think clearly. In Alzheimer’s disease, these brain changes eventually impair an individual’s ability to carry out such basic bodily functions as walking and swallowing. Alzheimer’s disease is ultimately fatal.

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Unattended death

A total of six unattended death of senior citizens were reported in the month of August, 2012. Details are given in Table below (source: daily news, police reports and Ageing Nepal)

S.N. Name Age Sex Address Place of death Date (August


1. Deuchane 60 Male Korchawang-5, Kot Gaun-1 August 26, Rolpa district Rolpa district 2012

2. Ms. Narmada Limbu

66 Female

Vedetar-4, Dhankuta

At the residence

August 22, 2012

3. Mangal Koire 75 Female Saraopur-4, Bank of river August 21, Ratanpur, 2012

4. Unidentified

60 Male

Nawalparasi Unidentified

Hati Farsatikar- 3, Tarkumala, Rupandehi

August 17, 2012

5. Mr. Bhadra 64 Male Mahat Gaun-8, Sitalphor of August 17, Prasad Oli Rukum Rukum district 2012

6. Unidentified

65 Male


Kohalpur-3, August 16, 2012 Banke

Convicted elderly found dead

Samacharpatra Rukum, August 16, 2012 62 year old Mr. Bharat Bahadur Oli, a resident of Mahat-8 VDC of Rukum district, who had escaped after raping a child, was found dead. According to the District Police, Mr. Oli who raped an 11 year old girl, a resident of Korja village was found dead near the village. The chief of police further said that the dead body of Oli is being brought to the district hospital for postmortem. The police are suspicious that the convict could have been murdered for raping a child.

Error in Citizenship: the date of birth of a 92 year old marked as 2077

Annapurna Post Okhaldhunga, August 14, 2012 Due to the faulty citizenship issued by the Chief District Office (CDO), an elderly has been deprived of social security allowance for years now. 92 year old Ms. Tulak Maya Bogati whose actual date of birth is 1977/10/10 BS has been marked as 2077/10/10 BS in her citizenship certificate. According to Mr. Krishna Ghising, the technical assistant of Raniban VDC. Tulakmaya has been deprived of her elderly allowances due to the

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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negligence of the employee of CDO. Mr. Ghising requested the people from human rights and media to help Tulakmaya. The VDC secretary confirmed that Tulakmaya will receive her allowance as soon as the error in the citizenship is corrected.

Elderly died after injecting

Ageing Nepal Jhapa, August 22, 2012 Ms. Saraswoti Katel (78), a resident of Chandragadi-2 of Jhapa district died when Mr. Avijit Bala, a health worker, injected her with unlabeled drug.

Ms. Katel, who lay unconscious after given an injection was subsequently taken to Zonal hospital. However, Ms. Katel took her last breathe during the treatment. 19 year old Mr. Avijit Bala, owner of Mamata Clinic was an Indian citizen who have been taken to police custody after the incident.

Elderly man held for molestation

Samacharpatra Bhaktapur, August 5, 2012 Mr. Sher Bahadur Magar 70, a resident of Ganesthan-11 of Bhaktapur was arrested for sexually harassing 5 year old girl. Local people handed him to police after he was caught red-handed during midday. Mr. Magar will be charged as per the crime he has committed, reported local police.

A 9 year old raped by an elderly

Kantipur Sindhuli, August 15, 2012 65 year old Mr. Man Bahadur Tamang raped a 9 year old girl in Kakur Thakur-8 VDC of Sindhuli district. The heinous act was disclosed when the victim and her father reached Women Development Office (WDO) of Sindhuli district to ask financial support for the child’s treatment. The secret revealed as the chief of WDO investigated the reasons for need of financial support.

Elderly rapist held

Kantipur Makwanpur, August 15, 2012 13 year old girl was raped at Rai Village of Makwanpur district by 71 year old Mr. Dhol Bahadur Rai. According to the girl (victim), she was seduced by giving chocolates while she was grazing buffaloes. The incident was made public when the victim shared about it House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu


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with her uncle. On the basis of statement of victim’s Uncle, Mr. Rai was arrested by the local police and was taken to District Police Office for further investigation.

Elderly held with hashish

Ageing Nepal Parsa, August 27, 2012 Mr. Madan Miya, 60, a resident of Bhishwa-3 of Parsa district was arrested with 5 kg of hashish. He was taken into police custody for necessary investigation.

Elderly missing

Samacharpatra Rasuwa, August 16, 2012 75 year old Mr. Bhim Prashad Raila, a permanent resident of Dadagaun of Rasua district has been missing for the last 16 days from Kathmandu. Raila who is patient of heart kidney disease had set out for Bhaktapur from his room at Balaju of Kathmandu had not returned even after 16 days. His family had requested the concerned authorities to search Raila. However, the police did not show any concern towards the matter. Raila’s sons were abroad have all returned home to look out for their father.

Social Justice: Senior citizens are embellishment of the country

Annapurna Post August 13, 2012 The government is optimistic about commencing geriatrics department. At present there are only three hospitals in the nation with geriatrics department, which is not sufficient for all the senior citizens, though it is a fine start. The geriatric services will be provided in Patan Hospital, Kirtipur’s Ayurved Hospital and Chitwan’s Bharatpur Hospital. These three hospitals will be receiving extra financial and technical help from the government. In most of the hospitals of the country there are different departments for children; women etc but there are not any such facilities for the senior citizens. Therefore the elderly people were facing difficulties. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), people of 60 years of age and above are considered as the senior citizens which is estimated to constitutes 7% of the total population of the country.

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu



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House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Elderly man dies after being doped out in inter-city train

The Daily Star Jamalpur, August 12, 2012 An elderly man died after he was doped out by a gang of cheats, locally known as agyan party, in the district. The victim was Mr. Abdur Rahman, 60, of village Chargupalpur in Maderganj upazila. Victim’s son Mizanur Rahman said his father left Dhaka for their village home by a Dewanganj-bound intercity train on Wednesday evening.

The gang drugged him by feeding something poisonous with food in the train and looted all his belongings. Later, railway police found him lying unconscious at Dewanganj rail station and informed family members. Abdur Rahman was taken to Jamalpur General Hospital where he died.

Read more: being-doped-out-in-inter-city-train-10819.htm

Elderly citizens need special care

The Financial Express August 11, 2012 Masum Billah The problems faced by the elderly citizens of the country have been increasing gradually with their far-reaching consequences. The world is ageing fast and so is Bangladesh.

Unlike developing nations Bangladesh increasingly faces difficulties supporting her older population. Some 6.5 per cent people of our total population are old. In most developing countries the elderly live at the bottom of the elderly socio- economic strata. Older women, in particular, confront harsh conditions. Women usually take care of their children and family, an activity that puts them in a disadvantaged position when older. Many people in the developing world hold informal jobs or work without ways in rural area. As an Asian country

Bangladesh has a long culture and religious tradition of looking after the elderly and it is expected that families and communities will care for their own elderly members. But rapid socio-economic and demographic transitions, mass poverty, changing social and religious values, influence of western culture and other factors, have broken down the traditional extended family and community care system.

Read more: House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Report: HIV Rises Sharply Among Chinese Senior Citizens

China Daily August 24, 2012 The China Daily newspaper has reported a spike in the number of older men in China diagnosed with HIV in recent years. The National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention statistics showed that in 2005, 483 men age 60 and older were diagnosed with HIV, representing 2.2 percent of that year’s total. But in 2010, the count had jumped to 3,031, or almost 9 percent of the total for the year. The trend has only been observed on the Chinese mainland, noted NCASCP Director Wu Zunyou. He added that many factors may be behind the rise, including that Chinese men are staying sexually active longer, the lack of sexual protection and an improved economy. Read more: senior-citi.html

Elderly make up majority of Chinese tourists to Taiwan

The China Post

August 26, 2012

According to the Mainland Affairs Council, more than 4 million mainland tourists have

visited Taiwan in the past four years. However, among the visitors, findings reveal that

Taiwan is actually more attractive to the elderly, as most of them visited the island

because of their special affections for Taiwan. Since tourism regulation was amended to

welcome more mainland residents to visit Taiwan in July 2008, more than 3.98 million

mainlanders had visited Taiwan by the end of June this year. The Taiwan Strait Tourism

Association stated that around 1 million visitors have come across the Taiwan Strait so

far in 2012, up 66.5 percentage points from the same period of last year. Read more:

Relief for public but tragedy for one elderly woman

Beijing Time Beijing, August 16, 2012 An elderly woman hides her face behind a fan, her hands trembling on hearing that her son has died. While the public released a collective sigh of relief at the death of a serial killer, there were reports of the killer’s family under siege by the media. Zhou Kehua, wanted in connection with the deaths of 10 people since 2004, was gunned down by police in southwestern Chongqing. Read more:

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Vision India to hold novel expo for senior citizens

The Siasat Daily Hyderabad, August 9, 2012 A novel exposition on products, services, second career and recruitment, friendly homes and activities for senior citizens is to be held in city from October 13. By 2050, India would have the highest number of people in the age group of 50 years and above overtaking China’s current primary status. Vision India, in association with the International Longevity Centre India Chapter and supported by the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), the Silver Innings Foundation and the Association of Senior Living India (ASLI) would bring the six- city two-day ‘Celebrating Age Expo on Active Retirement’ to city on October 13 and 14, Vision India said in a release. The first of the expo series is in Bangalore on September 1 and 2 followed by one at Pune on September 7 and 8 and later on at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai on September 15 and 16. The same expo continues at Ahmedabad on September 22 and 23 and in Goa on September 29 and 30. Chennai follows with the expo to be held on October 6 and 7, at Hyderabad on October 13 and 14 and the last one in Delhi on October 20 and 21. Read more:

Elderly people demand monthly pension

The Hans India Rajasthan, August 13, 2012 Thousands of elderly people staged a dharna (demonstrate) here to press for their demand of a monthly pension. The old people from different districts of the state held the dharna at the Udyog maidan here under the banner of ‘Pension Parishad’. They were addressed by social activist Aruna Roy and representatives of different political groups. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot assured all the possible help reaching the protest venue, who were demanding a monthly pension of at least Rs 2,000 per month. Read more:

Senior citizens can hope for better deal on health plans

New Delhi, Aug 29 2012

Private non-life insurance companies are mulling on health insurance plans targeted

towards senior citizens above 60-65 years and planning to take a new health insurance

plan. “We will launch specialized insurance plan for elderly very soon and we believe this

segment is largely untapped and if correct products are introduced at proper prices,

policyholders will show interest», said Sanjay Datta, head of underwriting and claims,

ICICI Lombard General Insurance. Read More: can-hope-better-deal-health-plans-205

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Sweet Home for senior citizens launched in Pakistan

Pakistan Times

Sweet Home for senior citizens was launched at Sihala by Managing Director Pakistan Bait ul Maal (PBM) Zamurd Khan. Under the pilot project four centres would be established at provisional capitals Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta soon and on special request a centre would also be set up at Gilgit-Baltistan.

PBM plans to expand this project to district level on availability of resources. Likewise, Sweet Homes for orphan girls would be established in June this year at all the 11 districts where Sweet Homes for boys are being set-up. Almost 15,000 girls would be enrolled at these centres which would be expanded to all districts of the country.

According to another report, Chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Zakat and Ushr Khawaja Sheraz Mehmood has urged the ministry to ensure 100 percent utilization of Zakat fund to mitigate sufferings of the needy throughout the country. Read more:

Senior Citizens Council on card in Pakistan

Pakistan Times Isslamabad, August 15, 2012 The Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education is introducing a National Senior Citizens Welfare Bill to encourage setting up an institutional mechanism for provision of various services for well being of senior citizens. Under this Bill, Senior Citizens Council will be established to devise and recommend plans and measures to be adopted for welfare of senior citizens in the country. These views were expressed by Federal Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education Ms Samina Khalid Ghurki here while addressing a two-day Third International Conference on Productive Ageing in Pakistan. She said, “The council will be mandated to conduct research and compile data on various aspects of ageing, formulate policy proposals on ageing, prepare National Plan of Action on Ageing, early settlement of pension cases, concession in utility bills, income tax and travelling, financial assistance and set up welfare homes for Senior Citizens”.

Read more:

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

Islamabad, August 15, 2012

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Advocacy campaigning to facilitate loans for older people

Commercial banks and financial institutions do not provide loan to people above 60 years of age because of the problems faced in loan recovery. However, such age discrimination is not in practice for 60+ persons to use other banking services, such as opening a new bank account. A 60+ person is not offered loan even against the bank deposit he or she may have. Also culturally people in general shun away from taking loan at the later part of their life. The long held social value is to fear «to die in debt».

Both such banking policy and the social value have been the constraints for economically empowering older people through income generating activities. There is need to do away with such constraints as more people are getting old before they become reach.

To address this issue, HelpAge negotiated with the Rural Development Bank (RDB), Peoples Bank, and Bank of Ceylon. These banks agreed to offer loans to the elderly as joint loans bonded with one young member in the family.

HelpAge Sri Lanka organized training programs bringing together the banks and the needy elderly. 29 training sessions were run in August 2012 where 176 older people were trained on bank procedures for obtaining loan. Representatives of Banks also worked as the trainers.

This advocacy campaign program is supported EU for the period 2011-12. The program has already been conducted in Maha Oya with RDB, In Dimbulagala with Peoples bank and with RDB in Chenkalady.

Training on technical aspects, crafts and trade

Economic empowerment of the elderly is one of the focus areas of HelpAge Sri Lanka programs. Skill training programs were conducted for SCC members involving trainers from Vidhatha Resources Centre, Madavachchiya, Education Department on Handicraft Skill Development, Palmira product Development Board and Agriculture Department. Objective of the training was to enable the SCC members to get engaged in income generating activities of their choice. Type of income generating activity were selected in considerations of factors such as the availability of raw materials, ease of operation, technical know-how, market potential, personal preferences, profitability and such other criteria.

It was found that, with the skill provided, SCC members preferred to start their own small family business rather than working as a group or joint family business of SCC House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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members. Independence in running the business was preferred much over the profitability. Also, the elderly preferred to send their young family member to obtain training rather than themselves.

The trainees from family of SCC members identified following crafts or businesses ideas. — Milk based food production; Yoghurt, Ice cream, Milk picketing — Rice based food production; Picketed rice flour products, sweets, varieties of taste

etc. — Production of incense sticks, candles, soap powder — Reed & Rush production (baskets, mats etc.) — Palm leaves production (ornamental goods, baskets, trays, flower hangers etc.) — Production of bags (school, travelling, ladies)

During the training sessions, the trainees were trained on production, finding materials, preparation of materials, marketing strategies etc. Following are the result of this training.

— Elders have now thinking of their economic development, by which reducing dependency and thinking of spending their lives independently and support to the family and village economic development in a long process.

— Elders and their family members move about implementing what they learnt and disposed products to the village market

— The knowledge obtained in earning and saving in systematic way has positively affected the both the elders and their family members.

— As these activities have been initiated through the SCCs and hence the membership of the SCCs would be increased and thereby the village SCCs will be well recognised

— Trained persons have developed links with the resource persons for future training on their own as a group of people in the SCCs

— The modern technology in the development of cottage industries is now brought to the village

— Once the production and marketing commenced, villages would be self sufficient in their needs in the different productions that produced by the villagers.

— Networks system would be developed among producers, banks, vendors and beneficiaries

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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HASL Conducted Leadership, Good Governance and Management Training for SCCs and SCC Consortia With a view of creating awareness and develop skills among the SCC consortia members at DS and District level, series of training on Leadership, Management and Good Governance (LMG) was organized. The training included SCC members on their request. Accordingly, 106 training sessions were conducted covering about 4580 persons. This

program is supported by EU for 2011-12.

After the training, it was found that the SCC members started selecting/electing SCC members based on their leadership qualities and ability to practice good governance. Many shortcomings of SCC management and leadership were identified and efforts were made to overcome them.

The following topics were discussed in general and earmarked to be discussed in the form of adult training;


1) Leader and Leadership 2) Three conventional leadership styles and its comparison 3) Essential components of leadership 4) Characteristics of leadership 5) Transformation to better Leadership qualities


1) What is management? 2) Different management styles 3) Development of management skills 4) Situational management 5) Difference of management and administration 6) Domestic, social and institutional management 7) Overview of management of financial, health, day to day activities etc.

Good Governance:

1) What is governance 2) Governing parties and interaction, responsibilities, 3) 3 pillars of governance and expected good governance 4) Main components of good governance

For further detail on HelpAge Sri Lanka, write to: M.S. Chaminda De Silva, Programme Manager

House # 340, Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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