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GAROP Consultation on the Rights of Older Persons 


A key outcome of the 5th session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA) in July-August 2014 was a proposal that discussions at the next session should move beyond the debate on whether a new convention is needed and focus more on the main elements of such a convention.


Why is GAROP doing this consultation?

GAROP is a network of over 100 civil society organisations from around the world who have come together to strengthen and promote the rights of older persons.  The meeting of GAROP members prior to the last OEWGA (31st July) resulted in a recommendation that the mandate of GAROP move to one of helping to co-ordinate civil society input into the discussion around a new convention. The role will include (over time) providing GAROP members with tools such as position statements, fact sheets and  other content material to help work at the national and international level.


We are doing this consultation now because it is time for civil society to develop a proposition and position on the main elements of a new convention and this position must be informed by the views and opinions of older people.  The responses from this consultation will provide material to develop a position on the main elements of a new convention that GAROP members can use in their own advocacy. 


Why are we asking these questions?

The purpose of this GAROP consultation is to hear from older people and their representative organizations about how older people are being discriminated against, what impact this has on their lives and why they think this is happening. This is the information that we need in order to find out what the main elements of a new convention should be. We recognise that not everyone is familiar with the language of human rights or the international systems set up to protect them so we are asking questions that do not use jargon or technical language. 


How can GAROP member organisations take part? 


 The GAROP Steering Group is inviting you as a GAROP member to conduct this important and essential consultation with the older people your organisation serves, advocates on behalf of and in some cases directly represents. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Convene a meeting or meetings of older people/their representatives to discuss and respond to the questions as a group and then send the responses back to the GAROP Steering Group. A group discussion guide and a group discussion response form are available [here].
  2. Send the consultation form to your constituents.  Invite them to complete the form and send it back you. Collate all the responses you receive and send them back to the GAROP Steering Group. The individual response form is available[here].
When is the consultation period?  September 1st — October 10th, 2014


Where should you send your responses to?

Please send your completed response forms and/or any inquiries to the GAROP Steering Group at info@rightsofolderpeople.org 

What is the deadline for sending responses to the GAROP Steering Group?
Friday October 10th, 2014  
How will the GAROP Steering Group use the responses? 

All the responses will be read by GAROP Steering Group members and a small group of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of older people.  The information in the responses will be used to draft an outline of the main elements of a new convention.


This draft proposal for the main elements of a new convention will then be sent to all GAROP members for further comments before being finalised. Once finalised, it will be made available to all GAROP members for use in their advocacy around a new convention at the national and international level. 

Thank you from the GAROP Steering Group   

The GAROP Steering Group hopes that as many GAROP members will be able to participate in this consultation as possible. We would like to thank you for your input and we very much appreciate the time you will put into this.  


This is first time we have done such a consultation with the GAROP members. As an initial consultation we see this as a first step on which we can build and learn and we look forward to consulting with you again as the process towards a new convention moves forward.


Thank you for your input and support.  


More background information for GAROP member organisations can be found [here].

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