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IFA Voltage | March 2017
A Note from the IFA Secretary General, Dr. Jane Barratt
Greetings to you all from Toronto, the home of the IFA and location of the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing — «Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing» and a special thank you for contributing to our growth in recent years.
Our enewsletters IFA Skim and IFA VoltAGE aim to not only profile good practices, innovation and emerging trends around the world but also help to make the connections between experts and expertise toward improving policy that impacts the lives of older people.  IFA members, directors and network partners have helped make the IFA a real global connector in the field of ageing today.
With a new vision, mission, and refined the goals to better reflect the speed of change globally, we have established four key strategic goals for 2016-2020 that are not only achievable but also illustrate the commitment we have to you and all older people.  The IFA will:
  1. Be a credible source of information on specific topics on healthy ageing
  2. Create and use innovative platforms to form connections and networks through information
  3. Be a successful advocate and strive to build the capacity of others
  4. Be a financially thriving organization
The IFA priorities (fostering healthy ageing; age-friendly environments; developing systems for long term care; decent work for older people; and protecting the rights of older people) will be critical focal points moving forward.  These are also reflected in the title, themes and sub-themes of the 14th Global Conference on Ageing and I do hope that you take a few minutes to review the exciting conference developments announced in recent days.
Read on for more information about the 14th Global Conference on Ageing, including our recently announced Master Classes. The IFA hopes to see you in Toronto in 2018.
The Nursing Shortage Predicted to Impact an Ageing World
In recent years, some governments have focused their attention on the allocation of resources for their ageing population, primarily through pension changes, and to a lesser extent through health initiatives such as dementia care strategies.  Yet at the same time, little attention has been paid to the labour force who will care for the ageing population.  There are 57 countries identified by the World Health Organization (2010) to be in a crisis relative to their health care work force.  In the coming decades, the redistribution of the population toward older adults will reduce the relative size of the working population to the non-working older adult population, and also increase the need for workers to provide healthcare services to the ageing population.
Read the rest of the article by clicking


Written by Sandra P. Hirst, RN, PhD, GNC(C)

Vice President, North America, IFA
Asia Pacific Immunization Meeting
The International Federation on Ageing (IFA), in collaboration with Friends of IFA (FOIFA) Japan, convened the Asia Pacific Immunization Meeting on 1-2 December, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.  This international, high-level knowledge exchange platform attracted twenty key stakeholders and opinion leaders from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Canada and the United States.
In April, the IFA will be launching the Asia Pacific Immunization Meeting Report in which the rich discussions held between the many insightful speakers were captured.  The report offers valuable information on adult immunization in the Asia Pacific region, the barriers to vaccination, and opportunities for change.  As a preview, see attached infographics.
To learn more about IFA’s work on Adult Vaccination and the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination, please click here.
IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing
The IFA invites you to the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing in Toronto, Canada on 8-10 August, 2018.
The Global Conference will welcome 1,300 delegates to explore four key themes aligned directly with the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan: Combating Ageism, Enabling Functional Ability, Addressing Inequalities, and Toward Healthy Ageing.
Please visit www.ifa2018.com to learn more about the Global Conference and to receive frequent updates.
Registration and Abstract Submission are both NOW OPEN for #ifa2018!
Click here to register for the conference!
Click here to learn more about submitting an abstract!
Although delegates do have to register for the conference to submit an abstract, please note that payment is not required.
IFA 14th Global Conference Master Classes
The IFA is thrilled to announce the IFA 14th Global Conference Master Classes, which will focus on some of the key challenges in the field of ageing. The Master Classes are an extraordinary opportunity for delegates to learn from and engage with experts.
To learn more about each Master Class and their presenters, please click the topic of interest.
Master Classes will be held at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto on 7 August 2018, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Spaces for these specialized meetings are limited so register early.  Please note that participants do not have to register for the conference to register for Master Classes but are encouraged to do so to get the most out of the session.
Master Class enrolment fees are as follows:
  • General Admission — $70 USD
  • Student/Older Persons — $50 USD
Click here to register for a Master Class!
IFA / WHO Webinar Series on Age-Friendly Environments
The IFA, in collaboration with the WHO, recently hosted the first in a series of webinars on age-friendly environments slated for 2017.  Along with other initiatives of the IFA / WHO Age Friendly Innovation Exchange, this series of webinars will form a foundation for discussion of Age-Friendly Environments as one of the subthemes of the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing (www.ifa2018.com).
The aim of the first webinar was to provide a comprehensive introduction to the umbrella of topics to be covered under age-friendly environments, and to the role of the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities (GNAFCC) in working toward age-friendly environments.
The webinar attracted over 180 attendees and generated many insightful questions about age-friendly policies and practices globally.  The recording for this webinar can be found by clicking here.
The 2nd IFA / WHO webinar on the topic of «WHO Core Indicators of Age-Friendliness» will be presented by Megumi Kano, DrPH, WHO Kobe Centre for Health Development.  This webinar is scheduled for 25 April, 1pm, Japan Standard Time.  Participants can register by clicking here.
To be part of ongoing developments in the IFA’s work on age-friendly, and to receive and make contributions to the upcoming age-friendly newsletter, register interest here or contact Jessica Rochman-Fowler (jrochman-fowler@ifa-fiv.org).
Webinar Series on Older LGBTQI2S People
As part of IFA’s 14th Global Conference on Ageing, under the theme «Addressing Inequalities», the IFA, in co-equal partnership with Egale and SAGE, is hosting a series of webinars focused on
Older LGBTQI2S People.
The purpose of these webinars are to 1) raise awareness of the various issues and barriers faced by older LGBTQI2S people across the world, and 2) provide a platform where older LGBTQI2S issues are explored, thereby informing the program of IFA’s 14th Global Conference on Ageing.
These webinars are important as issues and barriers that affect older LGBTQI2S people are often overlooked.  Policies and program aimed to improving the health and well-being of older people and the ageing population often do not take into account factors such as gender and sexuality when being created.
The first webinar of the series «Addressing Inequalities of Older LGBTQI2S People» will be hosted on 28 March 2017, 9:00am-10:00am (EST).  Questions to be addressed in this webinar are:
  • What issues, challenges, and barriers do older LGBTQI2S people face in their particular region?
  • What are some promising approaches to supporting the rights of older LGBTQI2S people in their region and from their organizational perspective?
To register for the webinar click here.
To learn more about the theme «Addressing Inequalities» click here.
For more information on the Webinar Series on Older LGBTQI2S People, email Virginia Duarte Walsh at vduartewalsh@ifa-fiv.org
Egale, IFA, and SAGE look forward to your participation!
New Staff at the IFA
In February 2017, Kate MacRae joined the IFA as the Media, Marketing and Communications Officer.  She holds a Master’s of Journalism from Concordia University, with a focus on violence in broadsheet and tabloid newspapers.  Kate is also a recent graduate of Centennial College’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations program, as well as holding a BA in Media Studies from the University of Western Ontario.
Through past work and internship experiences, Kate has cultivated a unique skillset in a variety of areas including writing, editing, and design, that she is very excited to share with the IFA team.
Kate has had an abiding interest in not-for-profit organizations for many years.  While studying at the University of Western Ontario, she was involved in the planning and implementation of three Shinerama and Terry Fox fundraising campaigns, which drew, on average, over 30,000 participants.  She also developed a deep interest in human rights issues at Concordia University, after completing an independent study on human rights abuses against journalists.
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