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August 2019
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IFA Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve
24 — 25 October 2019
There are many important principles and lessons that public health researchers and advocates who hope to influence policy and practice need to consider.  Advocacy to advance and defend health, medical and social policies that can impact on whole populations is informed by a sparse and often mercurial evidence base. Public health history has many examples of radical policy and behavioural transformations ignited by deliberate efforts at promoting change.
Prof Simon Chapman an internationally respected public health advocate who will draw on case studies from efforts to frame and reframe public health debates in areas like tobacco and gun control, public safety and promoting renewable energy to bring oxygen to the conversation on promoting policies to enhance cognitive reserve.
Program, registration, sponsorship opportunities and additional logistic information are available on the summit website.
The Age-Friendly Basque Country Project has produced a Guide to Friendly Housing. The aim is to offer simple and useful information that can be used to assess older individuals needs and give advice for the adaptation of the home. The Guide is divided into sections according to the rooms that structure the house (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.) and includes advice and recommendations per room type.
A Guide to Friendly Housing is available as a PDF file online in Spanish and Basque.
2019 IFA Annual Members Meeting
In accordance with Section 4 of the corporation’s bylaws IFA members are invited to the Annual Members Meeting to be on the 15th October 2019.
To maximise participation of members around the world the IFA Board of Directors are inviting you to the first virtual annual members meeting and encourage your participation.
It is very important that members register for the meeting in advance and may need to download the ‘zoom software’. Should you have any questions please contact Dr Jane Barratt jbarratt@ifa-fiv.org.
Provisional Agenda
  1. Welcome, apologies and approval of the agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes of Annual Meeting (6 December 2018)
  3. President Report
  4. Presentation of Audited Financial Statement
  5. Report from the Chair, Nominating Committee
  6. Date of next Annual Meeting
2019 Nominations to the Board of Directors
The IFA Nominating Committee is welcoming expressions of interests from IFA members to be considered for the slate of candidates toward election by the full members to the Board of Directors.
For full nomination process, and statement of candidacy requirements, please click here
The IFA is pleased to have launched the report “the Secondary Benefits of Influenza Vaccination.” A key finding of the review is the evidence that the annual flu shot may have a protective effect in addition to preventing or reducing the severity of infection. The influenza vaccine has been shown to reduce the incidence and severity of respiratory and cardiovascular exacerbations, and in lowering rates of acute events such as heart attack or stroke. The review also found that being vaccinated against influenza has a role in preventing functional decline among older people, and the incidence of frailty.
Findings from this report can be used to catalyze improved policy and inform interventions to increase vaccination coverage. The IFA encourages you to read and share this report widely, including on social media.
More than 5 million people globally are affected by meningitis each year. Meningitis global rates have dropped only 53% between 1990 and 2017 while other vaccine-preventable diseases have seen global rates drop by 70-90%.
This needs to change, your voice matters.
Help defeat meningitis by filling out a quick survey explaining one thing you would prioritise to help defeat meningitis.
Your views will help develop a global plan that will address what is needed by people at risk of or affected by meningitis.
Decade of Healthy Ageing – Update 3
The third progress update covering the period June and July 2019 on the process for developing the Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020 – 2030) aligned to Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals is now available on the IFA’s website.
This update focuses on:
  • Growing global and regional political commitments on ageing;
  • Launch of a public online consultation on the Zero Draft proposal for theDecade on a new Platform placed on World Health Organization’s (WHO) website; and
  • The first consultations that took place on the proposal with Member States, as well as other stakeholders including United Nations (UN) agencies and multilateral organizations, and civil society.
Asia and Pacific Social Protection Week, Manilla Philippines, The Asian Development Bank (ADB)
ABD Headquarters
9-12 September
IFA UN Representative in Geneva, Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung, will present on Social Protection in Long Term Care during the Asian Development Bank’s Asia and Pacific Social Protection Week in Manila, Philippines.
The Journey to Age Equality Symposium – UN International Day of Older Persons
House of the
European Union
2 October 2019
Join IFA UN Representative Dr Jacqueline Stark at the “Journey to Age Equality» Symposium in Vienna from 15:00-19:30. To register for the event please emailIDOP.WIEN.2019@gmail.com.
IFA Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve
Ældre Sagen (DaneAge) headquarters
Copenhagen, Denmark
24-25 October 2019
Webinar Report:
F.A.I.R Guidelines
On 30th July, GAROP held its 7th webinar focused on the F.A.I.R. Guidelines that set out four key steps that organisations can follow in their national advocacy work around a UN convention on the rights of older people.
IFA Welcomes a New Media Marketing and Communications Officer
The IFA is pleased to welcome Mr Wayne Nguyen to the team as a Media Marketing and Communications Officer. Wayne holds a bachelor in marketing and finance from Victoria University of Wellington and two post-graduate certifications in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, and International Business Management from Centennial College. Wayne has a passion for helping people and is excited to use that passion during his time at the IFA.
IFA Welcomes a New Project Officer
The IFA is pleased to welcome Ms. Yifan Zheng to the team as a Project Officer this August. As a recent Master of Public Health graduate from the University of Toronto, with a specialization in health promotion and ageing, Yifan is eager to apply her knowledge and skills in the field of policy
Online Consultations for Decade Proposal Deadline has been extended!
8 September 2019
Download the Proposal and make online recommendationshere.
Open Ended Working Group On Ageing: Resolution And Background
This report from Ms. Frances Zainoeddin, United Nations IFA Representative (New York) provides a clear historical map of the support and lack thereof to date by governments on a UN Convention on the Rights of Older People. Time to reflect and ACT.
Second Global Rehabilitation 2030 Meeting – World Health Organization


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