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IFA 12th Global Conference on Ageing
«Health, Security, and Community»
10-13 June, 2014
Hyderabad, India

Calling For Additional Abstracts on the Following Topic Areas:

The Biology of Ageing

While the upcoming conference already features one symposium on this topic entitled «The Ageing Process as the Main Underlying Cause of Non-Communicable Diseases,» the IFA and Heritage Foundation believe that the importance of this thematic area cannot be understated.  With so much of the work around ageing being social-science centric, a biological perspective offers a unique lens through which to view the issue. Without considering the biological impacts of the ageing process, it is impossible to fully understand the ramifications of ageing on our society, and similarly impossible to develop measurable interventions that can address some of the specific health issues that often accompany the ageing process.  If you are an academic working in this field or are aware of someone who conducts research on the biology of ageing, we are interested in hearing from you!

Quality of Care and Building Standards in Long Term Care

Cultural differences, divergent rates of economic development, and several other factors help to explain why certain countries have more developed care facilities with better established standards and regulations than others.  In nations where populations are more family centric like India, it is often assumed that children will be the primary caregivers for their parents when they get older.  This strategy becomes problematic, however, when there is an attempt to integrate it into policy.  With the rapidly increasing aged population in India there is a growing need for the development of residential care facilities that have good building standards as well as defined care standards that could be adopted nationally. As such, we are calling for abstracts from those who conduct research on this topic and are aware of best practice approaches to help inform delegates about how to develop an effective framework, both in the context of the built environment and resident-centred  approaches.

Human Rights of Older People

Many of the human rights pertaining to older people are left unprotected by existing human rights charters which require updates. This is a problem that is exacerbated by rapid population changes.  Engaging in substantive discussions about how to modernize domestic, regional, and international rights charters to incorporate pieces related to the rights of older people is the first step to ensuring that older people are recognized as a discrete part of the population and that their needs are placed firmly on domestic and international agendas. If you have insights into advocacy efforts meant to promote the rights of older people, regional cooperative movements, the development of rights charters, etc, we want to hear from you!

Click here to submit your abstract online today!

The Conference Will Feature Presentations From:
Learn more about these distinguished speakers here

IFA 5th Senior Government Officials Meeting (SOM)
«Connecting the Dots: Formal and Informal Care» 

As a response to the growing need to connect the informal and formal care health systems and increase supports available to informal carers, the topic of the IFA 5th Senior Government Officials Meeting (SOM) will be «Connecting the Dots: Formal and Informal Care.»

Taking place alongside the 12th Global Conference on Ageing, the SOM gives policy makers the opportunity to learn from each other about how to most effectively bridge the care systems and support informal caregivers inside and outside of the workplace through a series of plenary panels and workshops on 10 June 2014 in Hyderabad, India.

To create an effective program for the Senior Government Officials Meeting and to better understand the trends in informal care, a survey has been developed to gather information about the sector from all corners of the world.  Everyone is welcome to complete the survey and contribute their knowledge of the informal care system in their country.

To complete the survey, please visit: http://pwc.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9GEJPEhpOt7rZ53.

The survey is closing at the end of the month, so in order to make sure that your voice is heard, please fill it out today!

More information is available here.
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