IFA 12th Global Conference on Ageing — Health, Security, Community

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12th Global Conference on Ageing 
10-13 June, 2014 
Hyderabad, India
«Health, Security, and Community» 
Calling For Abstracts, Papers, Workshops, and Symposiums!  
Senior Officials Meeting
Connecting The Dots: Formal & Informal Care



The Senior Government Officials Meeting (SOM) is an opportunity for senior government officials and Ministers to meet and examine current trends in policy and practice on specific areas of interest in light of the increasing population ageing.  This SOM will focus on connecting formal and informal care.  Senior government officials and Ministers will consider the challenges and barriers that hinder the connections between formal care and informal caregiving and by examining existing trends will determine potential policy options to enact positive change in their respective countries.


The SOM gives delegates the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, develop policy and programs relating to connecting informal and formal care, and establish a global network of colleagues from whom to obtain advice and understand the key factors that underpin success. 

In considering the financial costs of the world’s rapidly ageing population, often the most cited figures are those which are related to healthcare. This is to say nothing of the immeasurable costs to quality of life that can be associated with health concerns related to ageing. During the 12th Global Conference on Ageing, these topics will be addressed through an analysis of various health related subthemes including: Non-Communicable DiseasesTelemedicine, Drug Innovation, Healthcare Financing, Care Standards, Disability, and Palliative Care
Security of the person is a basic entitlement guaranteed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Upholding this entitlement across the world is problematic generally, though there are many specific challenges that emerge when attempting to do so within an older population who is inherently more vulnerable. These challenges will only be compounded as the world continues to age at a rapid rate. In India, the topic of security of older people will be tackled as it relates to various subthemes including: Pension Design and sustainability, Poverty in Ageing, Income Security through Microfinancing, Prevention of Elder Abuse, Rights of Older People, and Labour and Workforce Participation
Keynote Speaker: Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate & Founder of Microfinance
Creating a fully integrated community in which older people can participate within society to their full potential is, and should be, the first frontier in helping the world’s ageing population. While this starts within the home setting, there is a pertinent need to ensure that public spaces, both domestically and internationally, are equipped with age-friendly infrastructure. Placing emphasis on programs that foster intergenerational solidarity is an integral part of achieving this goal. In India, the topic of community integration will be adressed through various subthemes including: Age-Friendly Cities and Communities, Ageing in Place, Assistive Technology at Home, Meeting Needs in Rural and Remote Communities, Cultural Diversity Care, and Carer Supports and Services
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