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August 2014

Will the United Nations Overlook Ageing Once Again? 12th Global Conference on Ageing Symposium

From June 11 — 13, 2014, the IFA was honoured by the presence of our United Nations Representatives in New York at the IFA 12th Global Conference on Ageing in Hyderabad, India.  Ms. Helen Hamlin, Ms. Valeria Levy, Dr. Cynthia Stuen, and Ms. Mary Mayer were a valuable force at the conference and added significantly to the discourse through their meaningful comments and expert knowledge.

«Will the United Nations Overlook Ageing Once Again?» was the symposium session the IFA representatives in New York used as a platform to discuss their work at the UN promoting the human rights of older people and the push towards a new international convention on the rights of older people.  Each of the UN Representatives spoke on a specific topic, ranging from the history of older people’s human rights initiatives at the UN around older people, the post-2015 Agenda, the sustainable development goals (SDGs), and an overview of the role of NGOs in UN processes.

All the presentations from the session are included below:

Ms. Mayer’s presentation comprises a background and overview of the Sustainable Development Goals and the post 2015 agenda can be viewed here.

Dr. Stuen’s presentation discussing the process of United Nations Open Working Groups can be viewed here.

Ms. Hamlin’s presentation which discusses the role of NGOs is available here.

Ms. Levy’s presentation which discusses the development of advocacy strategies at the local level can be viewed here.

Beyond the Boomers: Facing the Global Challenges of Ageing

Population ageing and other demographic dynamics present an opportunity for both individuals and institutions when it comes to healthy ageing. Improved health among our ageing populations is good for society.  It means more people living independently for longer, less disease and fewer chronic conditions that are as debilitating to the individual as they are expensive to treat.  For the individual, greater health in the later years can mean more freedom, more time to enjoy life, to play with grandchildren and pass along more wisdom to younger generations.

Starting the conversation is the first step. «The importance of healthy ageing cannot be overstated.  The interdependence of the global economy’s component nations underscores it place at or near the top of government agendas around the world» said Mr. Ian C. Read, Chairman and CEO, Pfizer.

«Corporations such as Pfizer are to be applauded for the significant contribution they have made to the dialogue on ageing and the introduction of their Get Old Initiative in 2012 that dispels many of the myths about ageing, encouraging healthier lifestyles across all ages.  A quote from the Get Old website could not be more accurate when it states that it’s time to tell the truth about ageing.  The less you fear it, the more you’ll enjoy it.  In fact, it can be the best time of your life.» said Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the IFA.

Learn more here.

Seniors Creating Change: From Idea to Intervention

In 2011 a primary legal intervention, Seniors Creating Change (SCC), was established with a focus on older people being empowered to end elder abuse and raise awareness of root causes such as ageism and social isolation. SCC was designed to capture the attention of the community, media and politicians.  The strategy was underpinned by the UN Principles for Older People and based on a Public Health Model.

Since the debut, SCC has grown strongly with a current membership of 60+ older persons from diverse religions and ethnic backgrounds.  The outcomes for the group went further than initially imagined and now include social re-connection for victims of elder abuse, increased inclusion for residents of nursing homes, increased awareness of elder abuse in the community, and opportunities to socially and politically engage.

Read more here.

In This Issue
Will the United Nations Overlook Ageing Once Again? 12…th…Global Conference on Ageing Symposium
Beyond the Boomers: Facing the Global Challenges of Aging
Raising Awareness of Adult Vaccinations Survey
Future Leaders of Aging Research in Europe (FLARE)
Depth Perception: Fusion of Art and Culture
2014 International Day for Disaster Reduction: Older Persons Surveys
Age Friendly Basque Country Project
Hearing Aid Donation Program
Tourism for All — Official Launching Event of the Accessibility Pass Hotels Certification
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Special Event — International Day of Older Persons

Celebrating the Achievements of Older People

The UN Committee on Ageing in Geneva in cooperation with the Geneva International Network on Ageing (GINA) announces a special event entitled ‘Promoting the Rights of Older Persons in the 21st Century: A Society for All’ to highlighting the importance of protecting the rights of older people globally.
This special event will feature a distinguished panel with participation from the new Human Rights Council’s Independent Expert, Ms. Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, representatives of the Civil Society, Member States, and UN organizations.

Discourse from this event will celebrate the achievements of the ageing population while highlighting the challenges that are faced in the realizations of rights for all.

Date: October 1st
Time: 10:00 — 14:00

Location: Palais des Nations, Geneva

Raising Awareness of Adult Vaccinations Survey

Immunization is a core component of the human right to health, a standard element in any effective, preventative public health approach, and an individual, community, and governmental responsibility.  Current advocacy efforts to promote the importance of immunization have focused primarily on children, yet there is a grave lack of awareness about the fact that older people are equally, if not more vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases.

IFA has created a  survey to better understand the uptake of adult vaccinations and to promote awareness of the importance of vaccinations throughout the life course.

Make sure to visit the IFA website.

Future Leaders of Aging Research in Europe (FLARE)

A new publication entitled «Health and Cognition in Old Age: From Biomedical and Life Course Factors to Policy and Practice» presents current findings regarding the topics of healthy ageing, especially regarding the maintenance of cognitive and physical abilities and well-being in old age.

The 19 contributing authors are all participants in the FLARE program (Future Leaders of Aging Research in Europe) which is an international program for young postdoc researchers supported by the European Union whose main emphasis in research is in different fields of gerontology.

Read the press release here.

Learn more about purchasing this book here.

Depth Perception: The Fusion of Art and Culture

The IFA presents an art auction with an international twist — Depth Perception: The Fusion of Art and Culture.

Auction: 19th November 2014 

Artscape Youngplace, 6:00 — 9:00 pm 

Public Exhibition: 17th — 19th November 


Emerging artists from Turkey joined those from OCAD University in the summer of 2014 which resulted in outstanding artworks to be shown to the public for the first time at an exhibition and auction November 17 — 19, 2014 at Artscape Youngplace.

Proceeds from the auction will help raise awareness about age-related macular degeneration (AMD) — the leading cause of vision loss in Canada and around the world.

Join us and bring your friends for a fantastic evening of art, education, and culture, and supporting a great cause!

Learn more on the IFA  website.

2014 International Day for Disaster Reduction: Older Persons Surveys

On October 13, 2014, the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) will be celebrated with a focus on the contributions of older persons to disaster risk reduction and resilience entitled, «Resilience is for Life.»  2014 will be the final year in the four-year «Step-Up» Campaign on IDDR, which raises awareness and advocates for inclusive disaster risk reduction.

As part of the activities leading to the International Day for Disaster Reduction celebrations in October, The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) and its partner Helpage International have prepared two surveys on issues related to Ageing and Disaster Risk Reduction.  This information aims to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of older persons on disaster resilience and will inform the messaging for the International Day for Disaster Risk on October 12, 2014.

Take the Main Survey for Older Persons here — (EN) (FR)

Take the Perceptions Survey for Governments, Organizations, and Interested Parties here — (EN) (FR)

South African Care Forum Festival — ‘Celebrating the Richness of Ageing’

Don’t forget to register for the South African Care Festival today to connect with experts across the world and learn about pressing, global issues pertaining to care.  Taking place from October 7-10, 2014, this is to be the first of a biennial festival that will celebrate the richness of ageing.

The festival is hosting an academic programme of plenaries and master classes by key international and national players in the field of aged care.

Access the festival’s programme here or visit the conference website.

Age Friendly Basque Country Project

Last year the International Istanbul initiative on Ageing held the Age-Friendly Innovation Competition, celebrating the hard work and dedication of existing age-friendly cities and cities with a vision for a future age-friendly infrastructure.  The Best Future Vision of an Age-Friendly Initiative was created to give recognition to cities that are in the midst of planning and developing innovative, inclusive, and sustainable age-friendly infrastructure.

After much review by the international jury, the Age-Friendly Basque Country Project was placed in the top ten for the Best Future Vision category.  The Age-Friendly Basque Country Project is a exemplary model for other communities around world looking to implement age-friendly initiatives and provides an invaluable contribution to the rapidly ageing world moving into the future.

Learn more about the Age-Friendly Basque Country Project here.

Hearing Aid Donation Program

On May 25, 2014 Anantha Sai Vidya Nikeytan, the Central Excise Colony in Hyderabad, organized a professional free screening for 70 older adults.  During the free screening eleven people were identified with some form of hearing impairment.  In June and July, the eleven hearing impaired older adults underwent further screening and were fitted with their very own hearing aids.

Swami Sukhabodananda from Prasanna Trust organized a workshop celebrating the 5 organizations that came together to identify older adults with hearing impairment and providing them with hearing aids.  The hearing aids were available for distribution on August 10, 2014 and Swami Sukhabidananda symbolically handed over a hearing aid to one of the eleven recipients to demonstrate the importance of generating positive change for older adults and improving their quality of life.

Read more here.

Tourism for All — Official Launching Event of the Accessibility Pass Hotels Certification 

On June 18, 2014 the official launch event for Accessibility Pass took place at the Athenaeum InterContinential Hotel, in Athens, attended by the Tourism Minister of Greece, Olga Kefalogianni.  The Accessibility Pass is a universal certification scheme that classifies hotels’ accessibility level based on their infrastructure, services and personnel skills.

The Accessibility Pass has been developed by PEOPLECERT, a well-known certification body with global presence, in collaboration with the Center of Research and Technology (CERTH).  The aim of the Accessibility Pass is to offer a compilation of useful and reliable information relating to certified hotels’, which makes it easy for people with accessibility needs as well as senior citizens make an informed choice on what hotels best suit their needs. Certified hotels’ information is available on-line here.
Learn more here.

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