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INIAnet: Official newsletter of the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations — (INIA)  Malta
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ISSN 1997-1648                                                                                   No.4        February 2016

INIA’s Training Programmes 

Short term Programme in Social Gerontology, Malta

From left: Dr. Marvin Formosa Director -INIA,  Hon. Dr. George. W. Vella Minister for Foreign Affairs-Malta, Hon. Tarcisio Zammit Administrator-INIA.

A short term programme was organised by the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA). This programme was carried out in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing — Malta and attended by 10 participants, all working within the field of ageing. During the opening ceremony the participants had the honor of being in the presence of Hon. Dr. George. W. Vella, Minister for Foreign Affairs -Malta, together with Dr. Marvin Formosa, Director-INIA and Hon. Tarcisio Zammit, Administrator-INIA.

Topics discussed during this programme ranged from The Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, to the psychological and sociological aspects including mental health, dementia, dignity, ethical issues and active ageing in Malta among others.

The closing was carried out in the presence of the Hon. Dr. Justyne Caruana, Junior Minister for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing — Malta, whereby a couple of words were shared and certificates awarded together with Dr. Formosa.

Top left, from left to right: Dr. Christian Borg Xuereb Resident academic in ageing and health -University of Malta, Rosette Farrugia-Bonello Research and Programme manager -INIA, Christian Vella Research and Programme Officer, Dr. Marvin Formosa Director-INIA and Hon. Dr. Justyne Caruana Junior Minister for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing — Malta.
Group photo of the participants together with the Hon. Dr. Justyne Caruana.

In-Situ training programme in Nanjing, China

The International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), organised an in-situ training programme in Gerontology and Geriatrics, in Nanjing, China between the 11–14 January 2016. This programme was held in collaboration with ZhongShan College, China and attended by 44 managers from the province, all working in the field of ageing.

The multidisciplinary training programme discussed the much needed implications of population aging. Having a 60 plus population reaching just over 212 million people, approximately 15.5% of China’s population, further underscored the importance of including ageing issues in the country’s development planning. Discussions were also held on this fast growing trend in provision for options on policy formulation and  services’ implementation. It aimed at providing a broad and up-to-date understanding of the complex and far-reaching consequences of mass longevity.

Lectures which featured during this four day programme included: The Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing; health care in later life and health services; medical support and ageing policies; exercise for older adults; and the Rehabilitation Jingsu Province pension service situation.

Lecturing experts during the programme comprised of Dr. Marvin Formosa Director INIA and international expert (above), (from below left to right) Dr. Xu Chunfa Singapore geriatrics and geriatric rehabilitation expert, Professor Li Jian Provincial People’s Hospital — Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Professor Du Peng INIA Board Member and China People’s University, Niu Xing Deputy Director-Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs.

Upcoming In-Situ training programme in Social Gerontology in Mumbai, India 

Information Exchange & Networking

WHO World report on ageing and health

The WHO World report of ageing and health, was launched on the International Day of Older Persons (October 1st) by Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director General. This report  highlights the critical actions and shifts in attitudes necessary to meet the health needs of our ageing population. Based on a review of the best available scientific evidence on ageing and health it emphasises that a radical change is required in the way we think about older people; it advocates the creation of age-friendly environments and urges health systems to better match services to the needs of older people, including the provision of long-term care.

Between 2000 and 2050 the number of people aged 60 and over is expected to double; by 2050 one in five will be 60 or older. This has huge implications for the way in which societies and their health systems organise themselves. Although some over-60 year-olds may have the ability to function like a 30 year old, others may need full time assistance and care. Are we prepared? How do we approach this? What needs to be done?

Ageing is a fact of life, but Healthy Ageing will result in all of us being able to enjoy life and make a vulnerable contribution to society for much longer.

WHO World report of ageing and health is available electronically at
http://www.who.int/ageing/events/world-report-2015-launch/en/ along with an executive summary in multiple languages, factsheets, infographics, presentation slides and other informative material.

National Dementia Strategy Malta 2015-2023

In recognition of the challenges facing the Maltese population dynamics, primarily the advances in health care, and increase in longevity, has all together contributed in an ageing population. The result of an increase in neurodegenerative diseases generally associated with old age, such as the many forms of dementia, has brought a significant demand on, not only the health and social care services and the family acting as their primary care givers, but also on the society at large. Human and financial implications are at stake if a national strategy on dementia is not adopted and implemented.

This strategy highlights various measures which will be implemented in order to enhance the quality of life of individuals with dementia, their caregivers and family members. The multifaceted nature of dementia necessitates a multidisciplinary approach to dementia management and care. The vision of this strategy is for people in various sectors of society to come together and create a system whereby individuals with dementia have access to the support and care they require. Dementia also has a profound effect on relatives and caregivers and thus this strategy aims to address their needs as part of the holistic approach to dementia care.

The National Dementia Strategy Malta 2015-2023, is available electronically at

INIA’s Alumni

Sailesh Mishra

Founder & Director
Silver Innings-India

Policy Formulation, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2010
A Pen and Paper can make big difference to life of our Elders. «It’s amazing to witness our A1 Snehanjali Elder Residents passionately reading all their Valentine Cards, Letters and Greetings«. The Silver Innings small initiative with a pen and paper  was scene as having a huge impact on the residing Parents and Grandparents. A special thanks goes out to Anjali Saigal, Dr. Renu Seth, Adv. Nausheen Yousuf, Rekha Kharade, Vanita Kumta, Ruhi Pande, Carol D’ Souza and Ramamani Rangaswamy for making this a success story.

Ritu Sharma 

Assistant professor in psychology-India
Health Promotion, Quality of Life and Wellbeing, 2015
During the month of November, Ritu Sharma organised an International Congress on Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, set as the first meeting of international network for prevention of elder abuse as Joint Secretary. The congress was held in the Indian Islamic Center between 27-29 November 2015. ‘Intergenerational solidarity with age friendly environment’ mastered the theme of the conference which brought around 28 internal faculties, 15 National faculties and 400 participants in attendance.
A workshop was also held on health care by educating the young to take interest and direct involvement in the daily lives of their respected grandparents. 400 people participated during this workshop, including academicians, students, teacher, principals of schools social workers etc.
The photo below (left) shows Ritu Sharma together with Professor Sue. C. Jacobs. Below (right) shows a group photo with the participants.
Following her successful events Ritu Sharma was also invited by All India Radio as an expert for panel Discussion on Intergenerational solidarity.
On the 29 January 2016, Ritu Sharma organised an workshop on Consumer Rights and on Health Care of Elderly in which honorable Minister of food & supply, environment & forest and Election Mr Imran Hussain inaugurated the event along with Local MLA Mr Ved Prakas.
Educational flyers were launched in informing  consumers about their rights. The mentor of the project Dr Rekha Dayal blessed the event with her gracious presence along with faculty of AIIMS and advocate from Supreme Court of India.

Christopher Ian B. Cabalza 

M.D. Asian Achiever Honoree 2016 
Medical Gerontology, 2007

Many of the industrialized societies like Japan and most of the European countries have problems with ageing population. This problem can be linked to the productivity and efficiency of societies where young which are the building blocks of societies are outnumbered by reproductive and ageing population.

This has affected the economies of industrialized societies in which they have to hire manpower from poorer countries other than that, the efficiency of industrialized societies are lessened, thus it will decrease its economic activities and productivity. On the other hand, developing countries in Asia like the Philippines, faces the problem of having bigger percentage of the young population. They experience the reverse situation where old population are outnumbered by the younger population. Although however, having young population due to early marriage and other reasons also affect their economies.


With respect to the cultural values in the Philippines, the Old ageing people are provided so
much care, concern and affection by their children of working ages. Generally, the Filipinos love and care for their old parents and even stay or live with their children for security and protection.

If in developed countries like the U.S, old parents are secured in the home for the aged, it is not the case in the Philippines. The need to acquire knowledge, skills and training in the care for ageing people today is very basic.

This goes with the trend of having opened several «Caregiver» courses in many Colleges and Universities in this country.

It is in this view that the study is important.

INIA celebrates end of year 2015

INIA’s staff celebrated together the small successes which made the year 2015 an eventful one. From the seventh International Board Meeting, to the International Training Programmes and in-situ programmes, to collaborative agreements, on-going satelite centres, publications, new website design and on-line newsletter, it is fair to say that much information exchange, networking and experiences were held and shared across cultures. A few words was also expressed by Dr. Marvin Formosa Director-INIA, who thanked personally all the staff for their dedication, efforts and support in enabling the Institute to further develop and grow. A toast of good will was later shared by all, in welcoming the productive year ahead.

INIA Library

Over the years, INIA has built up a specialised library of over 1,000 books, journals and reports on ageing. Funds are being allocated to renew inactive subscriptions to international journals on ageing, to procure recent books on ageing with special focus on low-income countries and on countries with economies-in-transition, and also include an available internet-connected computer for library members. In order to avoid duplication of journals with the University of Malta library and other related libraries in Malta, a common catalogue is being set up. Nineteen new books were added to INIA’s book collection during 2015. These include:

Ageing in Southeast and East Asia: Family, Social Protection, Policy Challenges;
Care in Everyday Life: An Ethic of Care in Practice;
Developing Excellent Care for People Living with Dementia in Care Homes;
Global Ageing in the Twenty-First Century;
Old Age in Europe;
Ageing in East Asia: Challenges and Policies for the Twenty-First Century;
The New Science of Ageing;
Developing Holistic Care for Long-term Conditions;
Sexuality and Long-Term Care;
Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Older Adults;
Ageing Without Children;
European and Asian Perspectives on Elderly Access to Support Networks;
Active Ageing in Asia;
Contemporary Grandparenting: Changing Family Relationships in Global Contexts;
An Insight into Dementia Care in India;
Biographical Approaches for Inclusive Care and Support;
Ageing, Corporeality and Embodiment;
Dementia: A Global Approach; China, Aging and Theory;
Dementia Studies: A Social Science Perspective

INIA Social Network

One of the best way of keeping connected is by being informed. With this in mind and in keeping up with the latest trends, following INIA has never been made easier! We are just one click away — by following our website, facebook  and  twitter page, you will gain instant access to our latest updates and news!

website: www.inia.org.mt
facebook: www.facebook.com/iniamalta
twitter: @UNAGEING


INIA’s Forthcoming Work Programme 2016

15-26 February  
International training programme in Social Gerontology, Malta.11-15 April                         
In-situ training programme in Gerontology and Geriatrics in Mumbai, India — in collaboration with the International Longevity Centre – Pune, India.

25-29 April                         
In-situ training programme in Gerontology and Geriatrics in Ankara, Turkey — in collaboration with the Turkish Geriatric Society.

International Forthcoming Events 2016

23-25 February
4th National elder Abuse Conference, Melbourne, Australia
Conference website: www.elderabuseconference.org.au9-12 March
14th International Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer’s Therapy, Athens, Greece
Conference website: www.ad-springfield.com

20-24 March
2016 Aging in America Conference, organised by the American Society on Aging (ASA), Washington, DC., USA
Conference website: http://asaging.org

6-8 April
Med-e-Tel Conference organised by ISfTeH, Luxembourg
Conference Website: www.medetel.eu

17-19 April
Copenhagen 2016 Summit organised by the International Federation on Ageing,Denmark
Conference website: www.ifa-copenhagen-summit.com

21-24 April
31st International conference on Alzheimer’s Disease International organised by Alzheimer’s disease International and the Hungarian Alzheimer’s Society, Budapest, Hungary
Conference website: www.adi2016.org

8-11 June
Brazilian Congress on Gerontology & Geriatrics: How are we getting older? The Individual, the Society and Brazil’, organized by the Sociedade Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia (SBGG), Fortaleza, Brazil
Conference website: http://www.cbgg2016.com.br

9-12 June
The Second Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology 2016 onJustice and Sustainability, organized by the International Academic Forum (IAFOR), Kobe, Japan
Conference website: http://iafor.org/conferences/agen2016/

19-22 June
23rd Nordic Congress on Gerontology on ‘Good Ageing-Better Society’, Tampere, Finland
Conference website: 23nkg2016@tavicon.fi

24-28 July
Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on ‘A Global Forum to advance Dementia Science’,  Toronto, Canada
Conference Website: www.alz.org/aaic

22-23 September
The European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (EAHSA) Biannual Conference, ‘Think European-Act Locally: New Business Models and Success Stories in the Provision of Care, housing and Services for the Elderly’, Lyon, France.
Conference Website: www.eahsa.eu Twitter: @eahsa2016

20-22 October
45th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting on Fostering Innovation in Research on Aging, organized by the Canadian Association on Gerontology, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Conference website: http://CAG2016.ca

18-20 November
The 4th Annual World Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology 2016 organised by  inKaohsiung,Taiwan.
Congress Website: http://www.bitcongress.com/WCGG2016/


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