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Dear colleagues:

Thank you for the opportunity to receive your newsletters and the expansion
of our information space on the activities of foreign non-profit
organizations in providing social services for older people and the
involvement of this category of citizens in proactive socio-cultural and
economic life of local communities and the society as a whole.
In turn, we have prepared for your network HelpAge International office some
information on the activities of the Belarusian Red Cross Society in this
area, our information resources and the research on the issues affecting the
elderly. We would like to introduce you to the activities of the BRC
Visiting Nurses Service providing medico-social home care to vulnerable
categories of citizens and improvement in access and quality of medical
services. The new form of the BRC social work aimed at organizing initiative
groups with active participation in communities ensuring broad participation
of the vulnerable people, especially older people, in addressing their own
problems through mutual support and the introduction of new social
technologies implemented in partnership through socially significant
projects is of great interest for Belarus as innovative approach to social
work. To achieve its objectives in these areas the BRC uses the project
approach. The annex to this letter contains  the materials obtained within
the project «Strengthening the BRC VNS» that illustrate the results of the
BRC many years of experience in improving the quality of life of older
people and providing them with comprehensive social assistance, including
the one based on the principles of self-help and mutual aid.

Our activities in these areas are regularly covered in national and regional
media and on the BRC site  The BRC works closely with the
Belarusian Association of Social Workers (BASR), which places information
about the BRC activities on at the regional and national level in its
We would also appreciate it if you could distribute information about the
BRC experience among your network members.

In the annexes to this letter, please find attached:
1. The results of the 2007 research to study the needs and requirements of
elderly people in Belarus in medico — social home care. The data obtained
are based on the sociological survey of representatives of this category of
citizens and members of the BRC involved in daily interaction and assistance
to elderly people.
2.  Information on the VNS, the analysis of the service effectiveness and
its impact on the quality of life of older people in the regions of Belarus;
The Manual «Medical and social care at home» and a handbook for the VNS
3. The brochure «Well done is done for good » covering the practical
experience of the initiative groups with active participation of vulnerable
people in the communities. This line of the BRC activities is included in
the strategy of our organization and continues to develop.

Galina Matyushenko,
The BRCS Chief Specialist in working with communities

Медико-социальная помощь на дому

Well-done is done for good




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