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WHO Talks Age-friendly at the 13th Global Conference
Ms Alana Officer

The IFA and COTA Queensland in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) have dedicated a specific track on Age-friendly Cities and Communities at the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing convening on 21-23 June 2016 in Brisbane, Australia.

Building on the success of the 2nd International Conference on Age-friendly Cities in Quebec (September 2013), this will be the primary global opportunity in 2016 to share AFC policy, programs and practices with colleagues from across the globe and to help build a sustainable AFC knowledge mobilization network.
Ms Alana Officer, Senior Health Adviser for the WHO Department of Ageing and Life Course and responsible for the WHO program on age-friendly environments, will be moderating the plenary session «Age-friendly Cities and Communities — Creating Enabling Environments» and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage with delegates on the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.
The deadline for submitting AFC Abstracts is 5 February 2016.
Don’t miss your chance: Click here to submit.
Adult Vaccination and Healthy Ageing

IFA and the UN NGO Committee on Ageing join to present a Side Event at the 54th Session of the Commission for Social Development
«Ensuring Healthy Ageing: An Underutilized Strategy of Vaccinations» will take place on Wednesday 3 February 2016 at 3:00 pm in Conference Room E in the General Assembly building.
The main objectives of the session are to:
  • Raise awareness of the impact of poor uptake rates of adult vaccination on the health, well-being and contribution of older people in society
  • Position the issue of adult vaccinations within the WHO World Report on Ageing and Health and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Discuss concrete policies and strategies that have been implemented to improve the uptake rates of vaccinations
  • Identify opportunities for government and non-government organizations to help maintain and build the capacity of older people through access to appropriate vaccinations
 More information about the Commission can be found here.
Registration Open for the IFA Copenhagen Summit
17-19 April 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark
This international high-level knowledge exchange platform is targeted towards thought leaders and decision makers in government, industry and civil society on the subject of improving the capacity and capability of older people through reablement policy.
«Reablement» is the new frontier in healthy ageing policy.  These services aim to help older people maintain and improve their functional ability and may result in significant cost-savings in public health expenditure by decreasing premature admission to acute care settings and long term institutionalization.
Contact Ms Dana Bandola (dbandola@ifa-fiv.org) for further information.
Seeking Abstracts on LGBTI and Older Adults
While obstacles to heathy ageing are experienced across the whole population, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) older people face particular challenges and inequalities that require targeted intervention and innovative service responses.
IFA and COTA Q want to make more visible the challenges that LGBTI older adults face and work together at the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing to discuss innovative ideas, policies and practices that can ensure all older adults have the opportunity to live a full, happy and healthy life.
Submit your abstract in LGBTI and older adults to the Conference website.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms Izabella Kaczmarek at ikaczmarek@ifa-fiv.org.
Just Released! The Adult Immunization Advocacy Champion Summit Report
«At a time of unpredictable challenges for health, whether from a changing climate, emerging infectious diseases, or the next microbe that develops drug resistance, one trend is certain: the ageing of populations is rapidly accelerating worldwide.» — Director General, Dr Margaret Chan, World Health Organization.
The IFA in collaboration with the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (COMO) and Hacettepe University, are pleased to release  the Report of the Adult Immunization Advocacy Champion Summit which summarizes the discussions, outcomes and next steps.
Champion Summit delegates contributed to an improved understanding of specific policies and practices on adult vaccination, key barriers for older people in accessing appropriate vaccines, challenges of civil society in influencing government and agreed to the establishment of the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination.
The World Coalition’s purpose is to be a global, engaged and trusted group of experts and collaborators with a clear common purpose on the issue of vaccinations and healthy ageing across the life course and a prominent communication platform on adult vaccinations.
If you are an NGO, academic, scientist or government decision maker and would like to learn more about the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination, please contact Ms Izabella Kaczmarek atikaczmarek@ifa-fiv.org.
Read the Adult Immunization Advocacy Champion Summit report on the IFA website.
#CompanionAnimals Photographic Competition
The IFA invites all amateur and professional photographers to take part in the #CompanionAnimals international photographic competition. In response to the published report Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons, these photographs will capture the importance and benefits of companion animals for the health of older adults.  Benefits are categorized into subthemes for the photo competition:
  • Physical health
  • Mental / psychological health
  • Emotional health and well-being
  • Social and community health
For example, physical health may feature an older adult(s) being active with their companion animal in the form of exercise, recreation, or other health promotion activities.
Entries can be submitted:
  1. By Email: send your high-resolution photo and short (150 words) description to Ms Dana Bandola (dbandola@ifa-fiv.org)
  2. Through Instagram: post your high-resolution photo and short (150 words) description and tag @intfedageing
With permission, photos will be showcased at the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing in Brisbane, Australia from 21-23 June 2016 for a chance to win up to 1000 USD!  For more details, read the official contest guidelines.
Dr Jenny Campbell, Presenter at the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing Quoted in the New York Times
The article published in The New York Times entitled, «The Importance of Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster» discusses how natural disasters are on the rise due to climate change and how older adults are a more vulnerable cohort.
«They can’t get out of harm’s way fast enough,» said Dr Jenny Campbell, a non-profit consultant in the Philadelphia suburb of Ardmore who deals with age-related issues.  «And sometimes they may not even have a way to flee.  Or they may lack a larger social system and so they may not be warned in time.»
Thorough disaster preparation can save lives, which will be one of many topics discussed at the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing in Brisbane, Australia from 21 — 23 June 2016.
Don’t miss your chance to meet experts in the field of ageing and disasters such as Dr Campbell who are furthering policies and practices for older adults pertaining to disaster readiness, resilience and recovery.
Read the full article on the New York Times website and register at the IFA 13th Global Conference website.
Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison
Political Lessons, Scientific Avenues, and Democratic Issues
Series: International Perspectives on Aging, Vol. 14

Dr Suzanne Garon, Professor at the School of Social Work of the University of Sherbrooke and an IFA Director has recently published a book in conjunction with Dr Thibauld Moulaert onAge-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison.
Dr Garon will also be a plenary speaker for the Age-friendly Cities session of the IFA 13th Global Conference in Brisbane, Australia.
The supportive role of urban spaces in active aging is explored on a world scale in this unique resource, using the WHO’s Age-friendly Cities and Community model.
Case studies from around the world demonstrate: how the model transforms to meet diverse social, political, and economic realities across cultures and continents; ways age-friendly programs promote senior empowerment; and, how their value can be effectively assessed.
The book is available for purchase in hardcover or e-book format. There is a special offer available until 02/06/2016.  Use coupon code: FBX4mA3sRy8NKSg to receive 20% off.
For more information about the book, visit the website.

Ms Kaley Fitzsimmons, Media, Marketing & Communications Officer

Kaley Fitzsimmons has joined the IFA as a Media, Marketing & Communications Officer.  She is excited about the opportunity to contribute her skills and experience to the meaningful work of the IFA by connecting with members and all those interested in being part of the new narrative around growing older through digital media.
Kaley comes from an interdisciplinary background with a Bachelor of Environment & Resource Studies, Joint Honours Biology from the University of Waterloo.  By studying social and environmental issues through the lens of natural and social sciences, she became interested in methods of generating public awareness in order to bring about positive social change.
Dear Readers,

If you wish to make comments or recommendations on how we might improve this publication or would like to get involved in one of the projects please email Mr Greg Shaw (gshaw@ifa-fiv.org) or Ms Kaley Fitzsimmons (kfitzsimmons@ifa-fiv.org). You can contact us by telephone at +1 416 342 1655.

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