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IFA VoltAge | October 2017
Requesting Support for Older Persons at the UN — Correction
The IFA would like to make a correction to the letter that was sent out on October 27, regarding support for the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG). The letter was intended to include a link to the full UN Resolution but the IFA has been alerted to the fact that the link in the letter was broken.
The IFA would like to apologize for the confusion. Please see below for a working link to the document.
Despite the celebrations that take place on October 1st, the United Nations International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP), an annual event that commemorates the contributions made by older people to society, it is hard not to also recognize the challenges that ageing populations globally still face.  Two billion people will be 60 years or older by 2050, making up over 20% of the world’s population.  A global rise in life expectancy combined with falling fertility rates has contributed «to the rapid ageing of populations around the world» (WHO Report on Ageing, 2015).  It is now imperative that we start addressing the needs and challenges faced by older people, and the ageism and age discrimination that many experience on a daily basis.
Even in the policies and programs that exist today, diversity within ageing populations is often ignored, negatively impacting attempts to improve the health and well-being of older people.  Life experience has a critical role in the ageing process and yet, it is often assumed that the needs of older people are all the same, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, citizenship status, to name just a few.
For this reason, one of the major themes of the 14th Global Conference on Ageing is Addressing Inequalities.  In preparation for the Conference the IFA is encouraging thoughtful conversations with and about several sub populations which are rarely headliners — older migrants, older refugees, older prisoners, older women, older homeless people, older indigenous persons and older LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex).
The IFA blog post series entitled Unequal Ageing aims to explore the unique challenges experienced by these older adults.  Join with IFA and its conference partners to give voice to those experiencing these inequities and be a part of creating opportunities to partner and collaborate toward positive change.
The IFA Welcomes New Staff — Hannah Girdler
The IFA welcomed a new project officer Hannah Girdler to the team in September 2017.
Hannah recently completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, earning a BSc in Global Health and Bioethics. Hannah was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, which allowed her to travel to Nairobi, Kenya to complete her yearlong research project at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. For this project, she researched and conducted a social network analysis on the One Retinoblastoma World Map, which will help ensure that regardless of where in the world a child with retinoblastoma lives, they will have access to the best possible treatment, care and support.
Hannah was a Co-Director of the University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP); one of Toronto’s largest student run charities whose initiatives reflect a commitment to global health. In 2016, Hannah was chosen to be one of 250 international student representatives at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
Hannah’s diverse experiences have reinforced her appreciation of an interdisciplinary approach to support human rights and accessibility to health care; moreover, they have developed her skills in research, teamwork, and a respect for human dignities and confidentiality. Hannah is thrilled to be part of the IFA team and excited to continue to learn from a divergent group of passionate human rights advocates.
IFA 14th Global Conference Call for Abstracts
Deadline — December 1, 2017
The IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing is a unique opportunity for academics, government, industry and individuals to present to an engaged audience on some of the key issues effecting older people today.
Oral, poster, workshop, and symposium presentations offer presenters the chance to network with some of the key decision makers and experts in the field of ageing.
The IFA invites all those interested in being a presenter at the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing to submit an abstract. The four main conference themes are Combating Ageism, Toward Healthy Ageing, Enabling Functional Ability, and Addressing Inequalities. The themes and 26 sub-themes are displayed above.
To access the Abstract Forms or learn more about submitting an abstract, please click here.
Please note that registration must be completed before submitting an abstract but that payment can be deferred at the time of registering.
To learn more about registration, please click here.
The UN International Day of Older Persons 2017
Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society
The international adoption of policies that support the functional ability of older people is in need of more attention than currently given as the global population of people aged 60 years and older increases. The recent population shift has resulted in an acknowledged need to raise awareness of the rights and contributions of older people, in order to guarantee human rights to individuals of all ages.  In response to the growing older population and the need for further acknowledgement of older people’s contributions, this year’s United Nations International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP), celebrated since 1990 on 1 October, focused on embracing conditions and measures that support the participation of older people and on recognizing the challenges, opportunities, and lived realities of older people worldwide.
Today, there are more than 900 million older people in the world, and that number is expected to reach 2 billion by 2050.  Facing these future demographic changes, and aiming to eliminate discrimination, the theme of this year’s UNIDOP places value on the opportunities brought about by global ageing.
The UNIDOP theme of «Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons» falls in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as both have the goal of facilitating social, economic and political inclusion for all, paying particular attention to underserved groups.
The purpose of this year’s UNIDOP theme was to show that many older people are in fact contributors to society, and to encourage people to broaden their view on what it means to contribute.  It also aimed to demonstrate that the fight against age-based discrimination, and the inclusion of older people in all facets of society, requires advocacy to inform policies and legal frameworks to better protect the rights of older people who are especially vulnerable.
The IFA shares the vision and aims promoted by the UNIDOP to raise awareness of the consequences of ageism.  This dedication is particularly reflected through the IFA 14th Conference on Ageing theme ‘Combating Ageism,’ a theme dedicated to exposing age-based discrimination in health and social policy, and to shifting gears toward empowering older people to do what they value.
To read a full summary of the UNIDOP event, which took place in New York on October 5, click here.
To learn more about the ‘Combating Ageism’ theme at the 14th Global Conference on Ageing, click here.
Introducing the Age-friendly Innovation Exchange Newsletter!
The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Age-friendly Innovation Exchange (AFIX) newsletter!
It is the IFA’s hope that this newsletter will be a forum for age-friendly experts and enthusiasts to share their work on all age-friendly topics, and for the IFA to share our collaborative work with the World Health Organization (WHO) on age-friendly environments (AFE) — including at the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing.
The 14th Global Conference will have a dedicated age-friendly track to showcase significant AFE work and enable conversations about AFE among various stakeholders.  The IFA encourages the submission of abstracts on the AFE theme.  For more information on abstract submission guidelines, see below.
The IFA believes in supporting the age-friendly community to strengthen positive and reciprocal working relationships between those in the field.  As such, the IFA is delighted to present the AFIX newsletter as a knowledge exchange platform available to highlight work being done in age-friendly.
The IFA welcomes all who are interested in age-friendly to join AFIX to be kept up-to-date about upcoming initiatives, including webinars on age-friendly environments.  If you are not already part of AFIX and would like to be, click here to join.
If you would like to contribute to the next AFIX newsletter, or should you have any questions on the age-friendly work being done at the IFA, please do not hesitate to contact jrochman-fowler@ifa-fiv.org.
The IFA Welcomes New Staff — Angela Burns
Angela Burns joined the IFA team as a project officer in October 2017. Angela first developed an interest in ageing while working towards her Bachelor of Health Sciences at Western University, where she gained theoretical and practical knowledge of health issues pertaining to older persons, including cognitive reserve, physical activity, and health system navigation.
Following her undergraduate degree, Angela obtained a Master’s of Public Health from Queen’s University to enhance her ability to develop and evaluate evidence-informed solutions for population health issues.  Throughout her studies, Angela worked to improve quality of life of older persons in community, hospital, long-term care, and research settings.  As a part of her Master’s, Angela completed a practicum placement at the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Initiative, where she built capacity and promoted knowledge sharing among municipalities on age-friendly policies.
Most recently, Angela advocated for the rights of persons with disabilities as a consultant for United Nations ESCAP in Bangkok. Her work focused on reviewing the progress of program and policy development for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific. Angela hopes to use her passion for inclusive development and knowledge of evidence-informed decision-making to improve the lives of older persons globally through the IFA.
IFA 2018 Master Classes
Want to get even more involved with the 14th Global Conference on Ageing? Master Classes are specialty day-long workshops which are being presented by the IFA in advance on the Conference, on August 7, 2018.
This is an extraordinary opportunity for delegates to learn and engage with experts in one of seven highly specialized workshops, which focus on some of the key challenges in the field of ageing today.
Master Class topics include:
  • Addressing the Sexual Rights of Older People (Dr Sharron Hinchliff, University of Sheffield and Dr Catherine Barrett, Celebrate Ageing)
  • Ageism (Alana Officer, World Health Organization)
  • Elder Friendly Care (Dr Samir Sinha and associates, Mount Sinai Hospital)
  • HIV and Ageing Unpacked (Kate Murzin, Realize)
  • Implementing Integrated Care (Dr Walter Wodchis and associates, University of Toronto)
  • Innovations in the Care of Dementia Carers (Dr Joel Sadavoy and associates, Mount Sinai Hospital)
  • Knowledge Mobilisation (Dr David J. Phipps, York University)
To learn more about individual Master Classes, and to reserve your space now, please click here.
‘Adult Vaccination: A Public Health Priority’ Expert Meeting (London, UK) — Strengthening Connections to At-Risk Groups in Adult Vaccination
The IFA in collaboration with ILC-UK recently hosted the Adult Vaccination: A Public Health Prioritymeeting in London, United Kingdom focusing on at-risk older populations.
The aim of this meeting was to bring together experts in the fields of public health, vaccines, gerontology and geriatrics, ageing, and non-communicable diseases to discuss the inclusion of at-risk populations, such as COPD, diabetes, and asthma, in the vaccination conversation, and to strategize on ways to improve adult vaccination uptake rates.
All contributions examined how barriers such as inequalities in vaccine access, patient perceptions of their need to be vaccinated, variation in what is defined as a successful vaccine program for older people, low awareness of the existence of vaccines, and lack of cohesive messaging about the importance of being vaccinated, can be addressed to raise awareness of adult vaccination and increase uptake rates.
A report on the outcomes of the expert meeting will be available in late 2017, but for further insight into the meeting, please click here to read a comprehensive blog post.
To read the latest newsletter from the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination, click here.  To learn more about the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination, please contact jrochman-fowler@ifa-fiv.org.
IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing — Exhibitor Opportunities #IFA2018
The IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing is an ideal platform for organizations involved in the field of ageing to promote their vision, services, and projects for current and future generations of older people. In order to open the exhibition spaces to as many organizations as possible the IFA has implemented two price levels — NGO/Non Profit Organizations and Corporate Organizations.
Ensure that your organization stands out at this unique international event, which will be attended by thought leaders and experts around the world. The IFA anticipates over 1,200 delegates will attend, including representatives of government, industry leaders, researchers, NGOs, and providers of health care and social services.
To ensure that your organization stands out at this unique international event, please contact Mr. Greg Shaw, Director of International and Corporate Relations, IFA at gshaw@ifa-fiv.org or Ms Tarah McMaster, Conference and Events Coordinator at tmcmaster@ifa-fiv.org.
To learn more about exhibiting at the 14th Global Conference or to view the Exhibitor Prospectus, please click here.


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