IFA 12th Global Conference on Ageing

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Health, Security and Community
10-13 June, 2014
Hyderabad International Convention Centre
Be Healthy, Be Safe, Become a Community…

Keynote Speaker: 
Professor Muhammad Yunus 
Chairman, Yunus Centre
2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 
Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is the father of microcredit, the father of social business, and the founder of Grameen Bank.  In March 2012, Fortune Magazine named Professor Yunus as one of the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of out time. 
Come listen to Professor Yunus talk about his legacy, his dedication to economic and social development, and learn from this leader who has translated concepts into actions to the benefit of millions of people worldwide. 
Senior Officials Meeting
Connecting the Dots: Formal and Informal Care

The Senior Government Officials Meeting (SOM) is an opportunity for senior government officials and Ministers to meet and examine current trends in policy and practice on specific areas of interest in light of the increasing population ageing.  This SOM will focus on connecting formal and informal care.  Senior government officials and Ministers will consider the challenges and barriers that hinder the connections between formal care and informal caregiving and by examining existing trends will determine potential policy options to enact positive change in their respective countries.


The SOM gives delegates the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, develop policy and programs relating to connecting informal and formal care, establish a global network of colleagues from whom to obtain advice and understand the key factors that underpin success. 


Present a Paper, Workshop, or Symposium
The theme for the IFA’s 12th Global Conference on Ageing is Health, Security, and Community.  Join us in building a world that will facilitate the growth of a

country, engage members of society, bring harmony amongst generations, and ultimately, improve the quality of life for all. 
We are calling for abstracts from individuals around the world to cover the themes of Health, Security, and Community. 
Join us and your fellow colleagues today in an inspiring and historical event in
Hyderabad, India. Visit www.ifa2014.in for more information.
Themes and Subthemes
Early Bird 
Ends October 31,2013
Ends May 30, 2014
After June 1st 
Indian Delegates
18,000 rupees 
20,000 rupees
22,500 rupees



Heard an amazing speaker recently?  

Like to see them again? We’d like to hear from you! 
Contact Mr. Hershal Pandya at hpandya@ifa-fiv.org to send in your recommendations for speakers today and get the chance to see them in India!
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For more information about IFA’s 12th Global Conference on Ageing
Please contact: Mr. Hershal Pandya at hpandya@ifa-fiv.org
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