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Dear Colleague,

In this month’s issue of HelpAge Global, you can find HelpAge’s latest Humanitarian Financing Report; a recent study on the shortcomings of social protection by the Asian Development Bank; and new guidelines on cost-benefit analysis to increase accountability and funding.

Also in this issue:

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Top 5 updates on the intranet this month

izzat-mai-60-pakistan-hfr-homepage-image_320x290Older people and children — two of the most vulnerable groups in emergency situations (c) HelpAge International

1. Read the new HelpAge Humanitarian Financing Report. The report, endorsed by Save the Children, reveals the very low number of projects that target older people or children under five – two of the most vulnerable groups within populations.

2. Social protection is failing to support vulnerable people in Asia, says new study by the Asian Development Bank. Read more!

3. HelpAge network campaigning for improved rights for older people in Nepal. Read the compelling story by HelpAge partner, Ageing Nepal.

4. Want to conduct a cost-benefit analysis? Find the new guidelines — developed by the East Asia and Pacific regional office — and learn how to increase your organisation’s accountability and funding.

5. Read the latest PensionWatch briefing on pensions in China. The briefing describes three phases of pension development in China — from a narrow focus on formal sector workers to the recent drive for universal coverage.

If you have any suggestions for next month’s Top 5 please share them on the intranet noticeboard.


Silvia’s blog on the Global AgeWatch Index

Global AgeWatch logo JPEG

«… The Index builds upon the success of the 2012 Ageing in the Twenty-First Century — report, highlighting the need for improved data on ageing across the world, and representing an important next step by allowing countries to compare their advances in addressing the implications of ageing with those of others…»

(Read the blog)


Meet a colleage: Maria Isabel Rivera

Marisi at workMaria Isabel Rivera is organising the ADA campaign in Latin America (c) HelpAge International

Each month we introduce you to a colleague from around the world. This month please meet: Maria Isabel Rivera

«I have worked at HelpAge’s regional office in Latin America based in La Paz, Bolivia for the last three years as regional communications officer.

«During my time with HelpAge I have done a big professional step: Moving from national to regional action and focus. This meant the beginning of a new international career and at the same time working with and for one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, older people.

«I have over 20 years of working experience in campaigning for social change at local, national and regional level both within the public and private sector.»

Want to know more about Marisi and other colleagues? Go to the people and offices section of the intranet.

Next month it could be you we introduce, so don’t forget to make sure your personal intranet profile is up-to-date.


Upcoming events in August and September

12 to 15 August: Fourth Substantive Session of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA) held at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

12 to 15 August: ICPD Regional Population Conference hosted by UNECLAC in Montevideo, Uruguay.

2 to 6 September: ICPD Regional Population Conference hosted by UNECA and AU in Addis Ababa.

16 to 20 September: ICPD Regional Population Conference hosted by UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand.

17 September to 4 October: UN General Assembly including discussions on the Millennium Development Goals and the future Sustainable Development Goals.

Now to 1 October: Preparations for the global launch of the Global AgeWatch Index and the 2013 ADA global campaign including media engagement, development of country report cards and organising of stakeholder events post-October.

If you know of any events in the coming months please share them in the event calendar.


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